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Male Contraception Initiative - Non-Profit Organization - Male Contraception Initiative is a nonprofit that builds public support for male contraceptives and pushes for their availability.

  • Prospective Male Contraceptives - Prospective male contraceptives include gendarussa, eppin, vassalgel, clean sheet pills and jq1.
  • Existing Methods - Male Contraceptive - Existing methods of male contraceptives include condoms, withdrawal and vasectomies.
  • Links - Male Contraceptive | Reproduction - Links - There are many links to other male contraceptive and male reproduction studies and methods.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Male Contraceptive - FAQs - Many people ask questions about different male contraceptives. Male Contraceptive Initiative has the answers.
  • Request Us - Male Contraceptive Initiative¬† - Request Us - Male Contraceptive Initiative gives talks about male contraception to many different groups. Request us today!
  • Volunteer - Male Contraceptive Initiative - Volunteer - There are many ways for someone to get involved with male contraceptive including fundraising, pamphleteering, publicity and more!

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    City: -111.6133 Utah, United States

  • Christy22 - Great so far!

    Have had the supplements for about a week and have had no issues! As a lady, it's no fun to have yeast/candida issues :( Started seeing clear up within 5-7 days. I have had reoccuring infections from about 5 years, and this had helped very much. It was so nice to see no symptoms of the candida. Would recommend. It is on the pricey side but is affective, to me it was worth the cost. I take three a day as directed. I have had no side effects of stomach pains or anything negative. Follow the directions and results occurred, at least for a yeast infection I would recommend!

  • Chuk - Definitely don't buy this

    There is no documentation for how to do things. There are several thick books that basically tell you nothing. I can not connect to my PC bluetooth, I can not connect to my TV, and there is nothing on line telling me how to do it.

  • Ocelot - Seems excellent for what it is

    Just used it to Plasti-Dip my car's grill. Seems excellent for what it is. I like the four-finger trigger. It grips the can tightly enough that you can shake the can vigorously using only the grip, not touching the can. I don't think it'll come off unless you want it to.

  • Jacqueline Cole-Conroy - Definitely Worth It

    I bought this because I did not do as well as I had hoped on my practice GRE. This book helped substantially (especially with the math!) If you want to review on your own, I strongly recommend this book. I raised my math from a 134 on the practice to a 152 and verbal from 144 to a 155 on the real GRE. The shipping was fast and you cannot beat the price!

  • carebear - DANGEROUS!!!!!

    DANGEROUS!!! i am a mom of three boys and this is the most crazy stroller ever! My 7 month old hit his head on the tray in front because there is no securing the seat back(i was going down a small curb bc no ramp)! He was able to pull himself up and flop allover the place! With the 5 point harness on.

  • Elanor - Surprisingly Good!

    I have a big problem with black & green mildew, mold, moss because I live on a wooded lot, no grass. When the UPS guy slipped on my concrete porch I figured I had to do something and I didn't want to pay a bunch of money for someone to come power wash yet again. I have a 225+ foot concrete driveway, a concrete porch, brick paver back patio, and flagstone patio. And my house is cedar. All of those tend to get moldy. I sprayed this stuff on about a month ago and it made a noticeable difference in several weeks. I wasn't sure if it would work in the winter, but we had a cold January with some snow and it did fine. It worked best on the concrete, pretty good on the flagstone, not as good on the brick (though to be fair there is a lot of moss on them) and it kind of strips the stain off my wood siding along with the mildew (which is okay for me since I need to re-stain anyway). I did another application today to reinforce what is already on there. My only problem is that 6 gallons, which this container makes up, really doesn't go very far. I managed to do the porch (about 200 sq. ft.) twice, the brick pavers (about 150 sq. ft.) twice and several large flagstones and a small part of the driveway (maybe 50 sq. ft.) once. I have lots of plants adjacent to these areas, so the fact that this stuff is plant-friendly is a plus for me, in addition to not having to scrub or power wash.