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  • Laura May Long - Size is wrong!

    I ordered these for my four year old who wears a very true size 13 shoe- I ordered the 1/2 size and they were much too small. They were the equivalent to her old Chooka size 10's. They're just a tad too big for my two year old, so I'm keeping them with her in mind (because they are darling) and buying another brand for my four year old!

  • Customer 007 - Save the wine!!

    I bought this along with a aerator for my girlfriend for valentines day as a gift as she is growing in her love for wines. However, as I am more of a tequila connoisseur, we usually don't use a whole bottle in one sitting. Enter the Vacu Vin. This little sucker does just that to the wine bottle, allowing you do finish it off at a later date ;). I would recommend purchasing an aerator to go along with it, as the wine does seem to lose a bit of it's freshness no matter what.

  • Donna - Sweep, but no dust pan

    I bought this product thinking it would actually PICK UP debris on the floors, not so. It just pushes it around. Basically this is a $130 mop. So if you sweep first and then use this as a mop your floors would be clean.

  • Jon Drew - Amazon price even beats WalMart

    Solid product as always. Best price that could find anywhere, (even WalMart). Who would have thought you could order oil products from Amazon. Has really extended the life of our 99 Suburban's. Great product.

  • lulees - lulees

    It is wonderful!!! I would recommend it to anyone who wants a well balanced exercise program. I use the CD that came with the chair, and it gives me a good half-hour program daily. A worthwhile investment!!

  • Amber L Curtis - No more sun bathing for me! Gives me natural looking color!

    I have been an amazon prime member for years and buy absolutely everything on amazon but never leave reviews. I took the time to leave this one because I'm a 32 year-old female who always felt like she needed to tan outside or in tanning booths in order to look and feel healthy. This sunless tanner has changed my life! No more sun bathing for me! I tried this product and have used it twice so far...the results are amazing. No streaks. Perfect amount of color that looks completely natural on my skin tone. And, even though I was very reluctant to put it on my face, I gave it a try and I'm so glad I did. Now I don't have to wear makeup bc it gives my skin color! Give it a try!