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Mental Health Treatment Center: Lucida® Rehab in Florida - Lucida® Mental Health Treatment Center specializes in treating addiction & mood disorders, including depression, anxiety & trauma. Learn more.

  • Mood Disorder Treatment Center: Programs at Lucida® - Lucida® offers treatment programs for substance abuse & mental health, including a dual disorders program and a women's program for mood disorders.
  • Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment: Dual Disorders at Lucida® - Lucida offers individualized treatment, family therapy & expert psychiatric care as part of our co-occurring disorder treatment program. Learn more.
  • The Women’s Mood Disorders Program - Lucida Treatment Center - The Lucida® Women's Mood Disorders Treatment Program is dedicated to supporting women with substance abuse & mental health issues. Learn more.
  • A Typical Day: Personalized Rehab Schedules at Lucida® - Lucida® gives you insight into life at our mental health & drug rehab facility. View a typical day of our individualized treatment plans!
  • Non 12 Step Rehab: Mental Health Treatment at Lucida® - Why Lucida®? We combine comfort with sophisticated, evidence-based treatment for addiction & mental health issues. Let Lucida® help you today.
  • Non-12-Step Rehab Program: Lucida® - Lucida offers non-12-step rehab programs to treat alcohol & drug addiction. Learn more about our 12-step alternative treatment methods.
  • Our Rehab Success Rates: Lucida® Treatment Center - A long-term study with Elements Behavioral Health & Syracuse shows significant, sustainable positive treatment outcomes. View our success rates here.
  • Rehab Treatment Center: Visit Us at Lucida® - Visit the Lucida® South Florida mental health & rehab treatment center and see how we can create a uniquely powerful treatment experience for you.
  • Our Staff | Luxury Substance Abuse Treatment Center - Our staff are made of experienced master’s and doctoral level therapists who will guide you and your family through the healing process.
  • Regional Outreach Directors | Luxury Rehab Center - Contact our Lucida Regional Outreach Directors today and learn about our admissions process and our treatment options.
  • Mental Health Treatment Center: Luxury at Lucida® - The mental health treatment center at Lucida® offers a luxurious environment in Florida for those suffering from substance abuse & mental health issues.
  • Mental Health Treatment & Therapy at Lucida® - Lucida® offers a range of substance abuse & mental health therapy options like dolphin-assisted treatment, neurofeedback & Somatic Experiencing.
  • Mental Health Treatment Center: Treatment at Lucida® - Lucida® mental health & mood treatment center focuses on mental health issues like borderline personality disorder, depression, dual diagnosis & PTSD.
  • Drug and Mental Health Rehab: Admissions at Lucida® - Call Lucida® rehab center admissions department at 866-858-8407 to learn about our treatment options & insurance coverage.
  • Recovery FAQs: Lucida® Rehab in Florida - Do you have questions about addiction treatment or about the recovery process? Visit our FAQs page to learn more about Lucida®'s specialized programs.
  • Mental Health & Drug Rehab Resources | Lucida® - Lucida® Treatment offers the latest information about mental health, addiction, treatment, & medication options. Answers to all your rehab questions here.
  • Addiction Resources, Articles & Information | Lucida® - Lucida® Treatment offers the latest addiction resources & information. For all the answers to your questions about addiction, learn more here.
  • Mental Health Resources, Articles & Information | Lucida® - Lucida® Treatment offers the latest mental health resources & information. If you need help making decisions for yourself or a loved one, learn more here.
  • Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Resources | Lucida® - Lucida® offers addiction treatment information, mental health treatment resources, & more. Learn more here about medical detox, treatment, and medication.
  • Contact Our Mental Health Treatment Center at Lucida® - Contact the mental health treatment center at Lucida® today and learn about our unique treatment program and insurance coverage.

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  • Aquasloth - Virtually leak-proof even when bulging--if you have leaks, try moving up a size

    Diaper reviews are only so helpful, as so much depends on the baby's shape; a "good" diaper is relative. But I have tried TONS of brands and can honestly say that these are the hands-down best least for my daughter.

  • Lynda - Exactly what I was expecting...pleased.

    This was exactly the type of check register I expected and I am very pleased with my order. Some people commented that the spacing and lines are too short and small. I disagree. They are the same I would get from my bank. They make these in larger print, so maybe those people should consider ordering those in the future. Also, this vendor delivered them very fast. Got them in three days tops.

  • Kld03c - A Perfect Test Prep Book Does Not Exist

    In all I purchased 3 books to prepare for this dreaded exam. I purchased this one, Barron's and Kaplan. Of the three I found this one to be the most useful, especially the online tools. A lot of the other books seemed to be less organized and to the point. I have to be honest, I am horrible at math and so I focused more on that and the essay portion and thought I could wing it a little more on the verbal. I thought the math was much easier compared to the difficult vocabulary words that I have never in my life heard of lol The Princeton book does a great job of providing lots of them to learn. Personally, my memory isn't that impressive to memorize 100s of words (I also bought GRE Vocab Flash Cards). I would not recommend using the paper practice exams as it is much better to get used to the computer adaptive version. You want to simulate the test environment as much as possible. The ETS website has software that you can download that will allow you to do this and my practice scores from those exams were very close to my actual scores. My scores were not anything to write home about by I just finished my master's degree (3.96 GPA) and this test is not indicative of your success as a graduate student. One last recommendation, take a test preparation course if at all possible. Most people that I know that have taken them got better scores but I suppose that depends on how much self discipline you have as well.

  • MollyD - indispensable for home and travel

    This is by far one of the best purchases we've made for our baby (now 11 months old). We got the dark green color which was for some reason a few bucks cheaper than the other colors. I purchased it when she was around 5 months and she was able to use it right away, way before she was able to sit up comfortably in those wooden restaurant high chairs. This keeps her comfortable and close to the action on the table (so watch where you put your plates...). We use it daily on the counter of our kitchen island; I love that she is able to watch whatever I am working on in the kitchen. The big draw for us initially was its portability - my husband and I like to travel a lot. This chair folds flat for packing - the space it takes up isn't negligible, but with all the other crap a baby requires you're going to have to move up in suitcase size anyways. It is not a problem fitting it in a mid to large sized roller bag with a bunch of other stuff. I'd say, folded up, it's about the size of a puzzle or game box. We are able to use it at about 75% of restaurants. We were pretty lazy about buckling her in at first but since about ten months old she has been able to easily climb out of it, leveraging her feet against the bottom loop and the center belt strap, so watch out. She also bounces around and throws herself pretty forcefully against the back of the chair and it shows no sign of budging off the counter. Also I've taken it apart to hand wash a few times, that's really easy, although generally a wipe with a wet rag does a good enough job. Hopefully we can continue to use this chair for another year. I love it and recommend it to all of my friends with babies.

  • tonymac28 - Learning guitar

    I've never played guitar. This is a great fun way to learn how to play without getting bored or frustrated. The game teaches and progresses as you do.

  • veronica fitzwater - Cordless trimmer

    I was not happy with it at all don't waste your money It didn't want to stay running as soon as you get in the grass it shuts off and don't want to start again Not happy at all