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Local 94 Site || - Welcome to the IUOE Local 94 home page. Learn about the Local 94 Union and the Union's affiliated Benefit Funds.

  • Change Text Size || - Learn how to change the size of the text of the Local 94 website so it appears larger or smaller on your computer screen.
  • Local 94 || - Learn about the Local 94 Union, including biographies of our Business Agents, upcoming events, information for members and photos of our Union gear.
  • Affiliated Funds || - Find information on Local 94's affiliated Benefit Funds, including the Annuity Fund, the Health and Benefit Trust Funds, the Scholarship Fund and the Traininf Fund.
  • Related Sites || - Find links to other websites related to Local 94, its affiliated Benefit Funds, the IUOE, related government organizations and important health and safety information.
  • Forms || - Find and download different forms relating to Local 94 and its affiliated Benefit Funds.
  • FAQs || - Find answers to frequently asked questions about Local 94 and its affiliated Benefit Funds.
  • Contact Us || - Find general contact information for Local 94 and its affiliated Benefit Funds as well as specific staff members' contact information.
  • Union Gear || - View photos and prices of the Local 94 Union gear, including hats, shirts and more, that's available for purchase at the Fund Office and at events throughout the year.
  • Participating in the Health and Benefit Trust Fund || - FInd out how to participate in the Local 94 Health and Benefit Trust Funds, including enrolling dependents, eligibility requirements and coordination of benefits.
  • Annuity Fund || - The Local 94 Annuity Fund lets members save and invest money for their retirement.
  • Central Pension Fund || - Start saving for retirmenent with the IUOE Central Pension Fund, an account that accumulates employer contributions over the course of your career.
  • The Local 94 Health and Benefit Trust Fund || - The Local 94 Health and Benefit Funds offer members and their eligible dependents medical, dental, vision, retiree, accidental death and dismemberment, death and loss of time benefits.
  • Scholarship Fund || - Find information about the Local 94 Scholarship Fund, which helps provide tuition assistance for members' children, including information on the Fund's Golf Outings, Dinner Dance and Family Picnic.
  • Sick Fund || - Learn about the Local 94 Sick Fund and how you can receive benefits if you become sick and must miss work.
  • Training Fund || - Learn about the Local 94 Training Fund including how to apply, read course descriptions and view a schedule of classes.

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