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Litre Meter Limited - Here at Litre Meter we specialise in Chemical Injection Flow Meters. We also offer the latest in Water & Gas Flow Measurement in the UK. Visit site now!

  • Litre Meter Limited - UK based company that sell a large range of flow meters ranging from mass and water flow meters to chemical injection flow meters
  • Mass Flow Meter, Air Flow Measurement & Digital Flow Meters UK - Litre Meter offer a wide selection of Mass and Air Flow Measurement products including Digital Flow Meters. Visit our site now for information!
  • Positive Displacement Flow Meter & Rotary Piston Supplier Online - Here at Litre Meter we supply a selection of Positive Displacement Flow Meters and Rotary Pistons Online. Visit us or call now on 01296 670200 for details!
  • High Pressure Flowmeters from Litre Meter Limited - UK based company that sell flow meters ranging from mass and water to chemical injection flow meters

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  • Shefeline - Preventing split ends and giving me silky strands since 2003

    This is hands down the best leave-in treatment on the market and has been for many years. Even since I was a teenager my hair would grow to about 6-8in past my shoulders and start splitting all over, forcing me to cut it, and no fancy product seemed to help. Then back in 2003 I worked as a hair product consultant/salesgirl in this giant Beauty Supply store which carried more hair brands that you ever knew existed. People gasped when they would walk in. I learned a lot about hair there and got to try a huge number of products, including Biosilk Serum which I have been using since then. It prevents split ends, dentangles my fine hair without leaving it greasy or weighted down, and leaves it silky smooth and soft. People always ask me what I'm using when they touch my hair. Over the decade that I have been using this, I have occasionally tried other similar silicone-based serums, from Biolage to Chi to Paul Mitchell to KMS to RUSS and many others I can't even remember now. And nothing, absolutely nothing comes close to Biosilk!!! I've ran out a few times and stopped using it and before long the hair gets dry, splitends-y, and a horrible tangled mess.

  • Amazon Customer - Fantastic!

    Received this product yesterday, it's fantastic! Charge my Samsung Galaxy edge plus phone with quick charge!! Small size and therefore easy to transport everywhere.

  • George Takei - Howl at the Heavens!

    This shirt has changed my life! Before, I couldn't walk through the aisles at Wal-Mart, graze on the buffet at Sizzler, or even take in a round at my local miniature golf course, without people pointing and saying, "Hey, you're that Zulu guy from Star Wars, aren't you?" Even if I wore sunglasses, I'd still get mistaken for Yoko Ono.

  • Kim M. Meranta - Horrible Customer Service

    This program does not work properly. We installed on 2 laptops. On neither will it automatically scan. On one, it will not update, so can't even scan manually. We have call customer services repeatedly and spent hours on the phone with them. Customer service is HORRIBLE! They do not have a clue. The had us repeatedly do the same things over and over with no change. They end each phone call by telling us they are sending an email that will tell us how to fix this problem. The emails say to do the same things we already did. We have repeatedly asked to speak with supervisors, who apparently don't know any more than their techs. We called the number listed in several of the reviews here on Amazon. The tech at Kaspersky do not speak English well and each phone call was a challenge. Since we purchased this more than 30 days ago, doesn't appear we have any recourse. We have always been happy with Amazon and thought if we persisted with calling Kaspersky customer service eventually someone would solve the problem. WRONG!

  • Henrietta Jackson Madison - hennessey

    I've been using this product for a month now and already im seeing a major increase in my butt size like 7"inches I'm really loving this product and can't wait to see how big it'll look at 6 months that's how long they reccomend you to take it oh yeah it even smells good I would very much reccomend this product to anyone who wants to increase their butt size you will love it .

  • Eugene - great starter camera

    It takes a pretty decent picture and video in my opinion. I recommend this to anyone starting out, its inexpensive and great starter camera

  • Consultant - Fine, but it's broken

    The download version of 2012 H&R Block at Home, Basic, is excellent for tax preparation -- except that the software downloaded is broken. Everything went well until I tried to e-file. I could not access the necessary options page, even after repeated attempts and opening a new return. You just cannot get there, so you cannot e-file. You can however, mail in your return and this part functions very well. Regarding help and customer service links, forget it: Slow, don't understand English, and have no clue about the product.