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  • T.M. - Chills as advertised

    We've had this for around a month and it stopped working randomly about 2 weeks ago. I left it off for the night and the next day it worked perfectly fine. Not sure what the issue was but it has worked perfectly ever since. Another thing to keep in mind is it will not chill bigger bottles and if you like to save your bottles for any reason it will leave lines around the bottle and if it has a paper label, it will occasionally tear. It does however chill normal sized wine bottles in 6 minutes very well. There are different settings for cans, baby bottles and such as well. This is perfect for the wine lover who doesn't always remember to pop a bottle in the fridge or can't wait to taste that new wine they just bought.

  • MAP-LKP - Fun game but not for two players

    Fun game but not for two players. The usual buggy release by TT, but worst in two player mode. The players seem to randomly switch split screen side and distracting from the gameplay enough to take the fun out of it. XboxOne console.

  • Concerned Parent - Save your Money

    The Total Transformation does not work. When I was working with their customer service team I found them very abrasive and rude. I would save your money and explore help with a counselor or other professional. This program does not provide what they are trying to sell. However they are really great marketers! Think Time Share Salesmen!

  • sunnyv - Did Not Work For Our Hot Tub

    We had a small leak in our hot tub and used this product twice to try and seal it. I followed the directions to the letter after speaking to the hot tub guy that came out for another problem and recommended this as a fix. I used 3/4 of the first bottle and the leak did not seal. I then purchased another bottle thinking it might have been something in the procedure I did incorrectly but after treating with the remaining bottle and half of the new one, draining, and letting the tub set for 5 days for the second time the leak was actually worse than before I used it.

  • Teresa Burk - Works as described.

    I purchased this item for my son, who wanted to try shaping his own beard, instead of having to get it shaped at the barbers.

  • Mark - The Trouble with Tribbles

    It took a lot of convincing, but after nagging my wife for (quite literally) weeks, I finally convinced her that our audio system needed these speaker cables. Sure, we live in a trailer, but even we need some high quality audio from time to time. I have, after all, spent a lot of time getting the acoustics of that trailer just right. And I figured I could reduce my low frequency even further with these bad boys.

  • Julianna H - Made my skin break out

    made my skin break out :-( i noticed that my nails were stronger but my face broke out with some deep pimples