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Lawley Pharmaceuticals | Lawley Pharm Australia - Lawley Pharmaceuticals is an Australian company that specialises in the manufacture of pharmaceutical grade testosterone, progesterone and estrogen creams for the treatment of various endocrine deficiencies and medical conditions.

  • About Us | Lawley Pharm Australia - Lawley Pharmaceuticals is a privately owned pharmaceutical company whose focus is on the transdermal administration of the naturally occurring hormones testosterone, progesterone and oestradiol.
  • Products | Lawley Pharm Australia - Lawley Pharm specialises in the manufacture of pharmaceutical grade testosterone, progesterone and estrogen creams.
  • Research | Lawley Pharm Australia - Lawley Pharmaceuticals' research program focuses on new areas of treatment for which there has been little or no pharmaceutical investigation and where existing preparations have short-comings.
  • Patients | Lawley Pharm Australia - Patient information booklets are available to download in our Hormone Information for Men and Women sections.

    Country:, Oceania, AU

    City: 143.2104 , Australia

  • pinetree - This smells wonderful and the fragrance is subtle but lasts

    This smells wonderful and the fragrance is subtle but lasts. It leaves the hair feeling very good (I use the conditioner as well). My long hair was too dry with other shampoos but this is just right. In terms of cost, a little of this shampoo goes a long way so don't need to use much at a time. For a really good shampoo, this is worth it.

  • Amazon Customer - great product

    used for the first time on our black lab. It really does lather up easily and rinse off easily! Our girl likes to be clean and she was very happy after her Moosh bath! We have never had a flea problem, so did not buy for that reason, but like the natural ingredients! Good product!

  • Amazon Customer - If you only have ONE pot in the house, make it this one...

    This is IT--for soups, stews, and anything else that you is the ideal size for one or two people--or even more depending on what you're cooking. A decent-sized chicken or pot roast fits perfectly. This pot WILL last forever--when my Mom remarried, my stepdad had one in orange in the house from the 60's and except for an age patina on the outside (gas stove) the INSIDE was still perfect, and it still makes the best food I've ever tasted. Your soup/stews will NOT burn or stick--during my first "test flight" with my pot, I accidentally got on the phone whilst making chicken soup (ooops)...While the skinside of the chicken was a bit browner where it had been against the enamel, it didn't stick, even though the stockpot was at rolling boil. BTW, this also makes killer baked beans and other one-dish in point; Farberware's handles are only good up to 275 degrees F or so; these babies can and do go up to 450--this means that if you wanted to (let's say) make chicken n dumplings and then finish it in a high oven, you could. JUST STOP READING THIS REVIEW and GO BUY the pot already! :) My one criticism is that the yellow color for all Le Creuset stuff looks pretty online but looks pretty chokey in reality.