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  • A. Sansguiri - Simple and meaty!

    I've never had Biltong before, and I heard BB had the most authentic taste. I didn't know what to expect, and honestly my first bite was pretty gross. Or so I thought. I tried it again, and it can be chewy, but it's moist and deeply flavorful. The flavor is like rich, slow-cooked meat, but in a jerky. If anyone has ever tried Sophia's jerky chews, they're similar - with a simple vinegar and spice marinade, it's savory and the grass-fed beef flavor really comes through. None of the sugar/ soy sauce/ extra stuff.

  • invisible - This version will not work with my OSX 10.9.4 as of 8/9/14

    The previous title of this review is "Font Handling is still Not Compatible with OSX Mavericks as of 5/3/14, March 18, 2014" I retained it below the line of dashes but it is no longer relevant.

  • Daniel G Monroe - DO NOT BUY!!! not worth the effort

    Glad I'm not the only one!!! Purchased this thing two years ago. It smelled like burnt electronics as soon as i opened the packaging. device wasn't detected by any of the computers i connected it to, regardless of O/S...I'm not surprised! Wasn't worth my time or money to track down tech support or get a refund.

  • Neal Kinney - Go Ahead! Compare the Taste of Creamy Mash with any Other Brand. You will Agree! The Best!

    This is, without a doubt, the best instant potato mix I have ever tasted. First found it at Costco and then panicked when they ceased to carry it at our local warehouse. Called the company to see which local markets carried it and found it... for a while. Finally found it on and have been enjoying it constantly ever since.

  • Amazon Customer - Traveling in the right style.

    Good coverage, and a very good travel guide. The Rough Guides are a better fit for the way I travel, but if I can't get a new Rough Guide then Lonely Planet is a close second.