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  • KT Health Clinic - PATERNITY Test, DNA, relationship, infidelity Testing - Paternity Test, DNA Test, Infidelity, Inheritance, Court Admissible, Legal, Springfield Missouri, results in 2 to 3 days, Social Security
  • KT Health Clinic -   Drug Tests and screens, Springfield Mo  - Drug Test, DOT, Random, Springfield, Missouri, Urine Hair and Nail Drug Testing, Alcohol test, Court legal, Medical Review Officer, Walk In Clinic, Probation and Parole, Children's Services, Attorney, Random Program, Substance Abuse Program, DOT
  • KT Health Clinic - Safety Program - Springfield Missouri, DOT Safety Program, Department of Transportation Drug and Alcohol regulations
  • KT Health Clinic - MRO, Medical Review Officer - Medical Review Officer, Springfield Missouri, DOT drug screens, DOT programs, DOT post accident collections, MRO, SAP, nationally certified MRO
  • KT Health Clinic - SAP, SubStance Abuse ProGRAM - We offer a SAP Program as required by the Department of Transportation.  This Substance Abuse Program is fully compliant with the DOT requirements.
  • KT Health Clinic - Physicals - DOT Physicals, Private Physicals, Taxi Cab Physicals, School Physicals, Sports Physicals
  • KT Health Clinic - Walk-In Clinic - Walk-In Clinic, Paternity test, drug test, Nurse Practitioner, Physician, Flu Shots, Pneumonia Shots, Minor illness, Paternity test, Infidelity Test, Certified, Springfield Missouri
  • KT Health Clinic - Springfield, Missouri - KT Health Clinic, walk-in clinic, Springfield, Missouri, Interstate 44 and Highway 65
  • KT Health Clinic - Resources - AABB Paternity Test, Springfield, Missouri, Nurse Practitioner, Missouri Department of Transportation, Drug Test, Paternity Test
  • KT Health Clinic - Employee Screening -      National Provider of Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs and DOT Compliance ServicesKT Health Clinic has been a leader in developing,  managing and servicing Drug Free Workplace Programs, Department of Transportation Compliance Programs and Drug & Alcohol

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  • Ryan - missing pages

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