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Kores Pharmaceuticals And Chemicals - Manufacturers & Exporters of Theophylline, Acebrophylline, Ambroxol and other APIs and Pharmaceutical Intermediaries.

  • About Us - Kores Pharmaceuticals And Chemicals - Kores is recognised as a one of the leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediaries, and is also a leading exporter across the world.
  • Infrastructure |Kores Pharmaceuticals And Chemicals - The infrastructure of Kores Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals spreads across 9 blocks and is equipped to develop and execute a range of chemical processes
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients| Kores Pharmaceuticals And Chemicals - Kores India Pharma division manufactures Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients or API's on a large scale. For list of API's we manufacture, click on the link.
  • Pharmaceutical Intermediates |Kores Pharmaceuticals And Chemicals - We manufacture different types API's and Pharmaceutical Intermediates. We distribute and supply these drugs to domestic as well as international markets.
  • Accreditation | Kores Pharmaceuticals And Chemicals - Kores Pharma's manufacturing and research facilities holds accreditation by regulatory bodies including EU GMP , DISR and TUV Nord.
  • Research & Development | Kores Pharmaceuticals And Chemicals - Kores Research & Development Division is recognized by Govt.of India's Institute of Science & Technology and is equipped with latest technological machines
  • QA & RA |Kores Pharmaceuticals And Chemicals - The quality of the Kores pharmaceutical products and chemicals are of the highest order keeping up with the international standards.
  • Reaction Capabilities |Kores Pharmaceuticals And Chemicals - We possess a number of reaction capabilities perfect for your manufacturing needs.
  • Contact | Kores Pharmaceuticals And Chemicals - Kores Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Division. C-7/1-B, TTC Industrial Area,MIDC-Pawane,Navi Mumbai – 400706.. Tel : (+91 22) 61389035

    Country:, Asia, IN

    City: 77 , India

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