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Knife Crime, Gun Crime, Advice, Support, Petition for Tougher Sentences, Successful Law Change - Knife Crime, Gun Crime - The Official KnifeCrime.Org website responsible for the Knife Murder Tariff of 25 years introduced March 2010, Education in Schools, statistics, information, counselling and advice for victims of Homicide, regional stories including high profile cases of knife murder

  • Tributes, Victims of Knife Crime, Memorials - Tributes, family members pay tribute to loved ones, victims of knife crimes. Memorials for the victims of brutal often unprovoked attacks. Knife crime affects so many people, the lives of people who survive and those who are left behind will never be the same again.
  • Prevention of Crime Act, Offensive Weapons Act, Knives Act - Government Acts already in place for the dealing with knives include Prevention of Crime Act, Offensive Weapons Act, and Knives Act. In 2005 the Violent crimes prevention bill was passed as part of the Governments Tough Measures to combat the rising Knife Culture in the UK
  • Victims of Knife Crime - Tragic Stories of Knife Crime Victims UK - The number of Victims of Knife Crime in the UK has risen dramatically. Just a handful of tragic stories of Knife Crime Victims from around the UK, these people weren’t the victims of prejudice, not targeted by race, colour, age or creed, these were just everyday people from all walks of life
  • Coping With Loss, Advice & Support, Losing a loved one - Coping with Loss, Losing a loved one in abrupt circumstances, Coping with sudden bereavement is a painful experience. Seeking advice and support from experts, counsellors, even people who have experienced a similar loss is a step towards coping.
  • Victim Support, Bereaved Family Advice, Murder, Manslaughter - A resource to help those families who have suffered loss through the Murder or Manslaghter of their loved ones.
  • Police Contact Information, Regional Police Force Contact Details UK - Police Contact Information, Listed are links directly to the regional police force division websites throughout the UK. Use the UK police force Websites as a resource for information about policing in your area, contact details of your nearest station and more useful contact information
  • Weapons Awareness Programme for Schools, Knife Talk, Be Safe Project - Knife Talk, a weapons awareness programme for schools is part of a National Education drive to make school children and youth organisations more aware of knife crime, weapons and violence caused by carrying knives. The Be Safe initiative is based on purely factual information, providing the truth for individuals to make up their own minds, Is Knife crime worth it?
  • Media Coverage Knife Crimes, Violent Attacks and Knife Related Incidents - News and Media Coverage of Knife Crimes, cases involving violent attacks & knife related incidents, following media coverage of knife trials and how it effects the people left behind. Knife incidents are on the increase, awareness needs to be raised to fight the spread of knife crimes
  • Knife Petition, Petition for Tougher Sentences, Successful Law Changes, Online Knife Crimes Resource - KnifeCrimes.Org achieved the Law Change which increased the Miniumum Term for 'Knife Murder' from 15 to 25 years. Our Petitions achieved tougher sentences on Knife Crimes. The only online Knife, Gun & Gang Related Violent Crime Resource for help and support, Information for schools, parents advice. Sign up and Support KnifeCrimes.Org today for a safer tomorrow.
  • Knife Incidents, School Children Knives, School Knife Crimes - Knife Incidents in schools are sadly becoming more common, the age of innocence seems to be disappearing. School Children carrying knives leading to school knife crimes is on the increase and more needs to be done to make children more aware.

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