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Home - KMTC - To produce competent health professionals through training and research & provide consultancy services.

  • Why Choose KMTC? - When you choose to launch your medical course at KMTC, you join more than 23,000 students at the College who aspire to improve the health of communities they live in.
  • KMTC Partnerships & Collaborations - Partnership to improve Kenya's capacity in human resources for health KMTC is in a partnership with Intrahealth International's Funzo Project to improve Kenya's capacity in human resources for health
  • KMTC Admission Requirements - Prospective candidates are expected to submit a duly completed application form which can be obtained from the KMTC website, KMTC Facebook & KMTC campuses across the country.
  • KMTC Tuition Information - There are three fee categories namely: Regular,Parallel/In-service,Foreign (as detailed in the Current fees structure)
  • KMTC Financial Aid - A number of organizations are working with KMTC to help needy students pursue their goal of training in health.
  • KMTC International Students - KMTC trains over 80 percent of Health workers in Kenya. The College admits international students especially from East and Central Africa.
  • Students' Affairs - We are here to provide all the information you need about your life as a student at KMTC.
  • KMTC Students' Clubs - SRC provides the bridge between the college administration and students fraternity.
  • KMTC Students' Library - KMTC libraries in the 38 constituent colleges offer state-of-the-art technology, vast collections of reading and research material, and the specialized services of friendly, efficient, and helpful staff.
  • KMTC Alumni Association - If you are a current or former student of KMTC, a lecturer or staff, join the KMTC Alumni Association.

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  • Embeau - Works great on fine facial hair and sensitive skin

    I have sensitive skin and by that I mean if I rub lotion on my face it will turn red-VERY sensitive skin, so I was worried about using this product. It worked great on my fine blonde facial hair and was non irritating..I use it regularly now.

  • MNMD - Great lightweight stroller

    This is a wonderful, very lightweight, stroller. I have the entire Combi Cosmo system with the car seat and base and it's great that the car seat fits right into the stroller so I don't have to take him out. We had a much older Combi stroller and this one rolls much smoother. I like that the seat reclines so he can sleep. Yes, the shade is small and definitely does not provide much cover, but that's what a hat and blanket are for. We don't tend to carry a whole bunch of stuff with us so the lack of storage space in the stroller is not an issue. The infant foot boot is a nice safety feature as our 5 month old could potentially squirm his way out.

  • Pallpoul - Cheap, Opens portal gate to new dimensions,...!!! don't miss it

    Like the title says, this HDMI cable was cheap, in fact too cheap for a device that unlocked the secrets of the univers to me. Once i plugged it into my yamaha rx a-3000 (PURCHASED ON AMAZON FOR A MEAR 899 WITH FREE SHIPPING) it did bend the space/time continium and I found myself in a new univers,... Wow, in this new continium of space I quickly realized that this device is oudated there, they were using the newer version, of course at 3000 dollars, with free shipping from amazon. Problem i was already in the future and could not click to buy it, as in reality I was living in the past, kind of a looper situation if you have watched the movie,.... I got so confused,... then I woke up and quickly changed to the monoprice web page. I was back on planet earth...!!!!

  • Allan LeTourneau - Improvements Needed

    I have used Back2Life for 4 or 5 years now. The concept to very good and it works much better if you take a muscle relaxer and an anti-inflammatory about an hour or two prior to use. You can then feel the vertebrae popping in your neck. Then you know that you are getting full benefit. It is very disappointing in that they have not improved this product in recent years. I have bought these for each of my 4 children and recently I used a new one while visiting my daughter. It is still very difficult to adjust the height and the feet of the pedestal fall off while you try to adjust the height. My wife will not use it unless I adjust the height for her. As a result, she does not use it as often as she should because often it is set for my height. For all the millions of these that have been sold, you would expect them to improve the product periodically.

  • L. Thompson - Unbeatable for price and quality

    T-Fal's nonstick cookware is the best for the price. You can pay a lot more for nonstick pans: they'll be heavy and the nonstick feature is the same. If you're thinking that buying more expensive nonstick pans will make the nonstick finish last longer, you'd be wrong. That's what I thought. I have several expensive nonstick pans and the nonstick will peel off of those just as quickly as any other nonstick pan. What really makes the difference with nonstick is HOW YOU TREAT IT. Read the Do's And Don'ts when you get your pans. Never heat above medium. It'll take longer to bring water to a boil or to stir-fry, but it WILL get hot enough. Never wash your nonstick in the dishwasher and wait until it cools to hand wash. Always use plastic or wood utensils: never use anything that will scratch the surface. Don't use spray release cooking agents as you don't need them and they can cause a film to develop on the surface. Never let your pots boil dry - use a timer to remind you.

  • Serena Jones - Highly recommended.

    Great car seat! Lived up to my expectations. A little difficult to figure out at first but well worth the learning curve.

  • SunFun48 - Great Product for the price

    My 2012 McAfee Anti Virus was expiring and I needed to find a new product. The 3 PC version for under $13 fulfilled my search. However. I did have a problem upgrading it on my Dell Studio Laptop. I had to call Customer Service but was connected to a knowledgeable rep who walked me thru the installation in less than 20 minutes. It worked perfectly. I had better luck installing it on my wife's Dell Inspiron Laptop. You have to completely remove the old version, reboot & install the new version. All done and both Laptops are running virus free!