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  • Cindy Tao - This tea really controls those hormones...

    I cant say that it gets rid of my cramps completely - but this tea works has worked wonders for my acne, weight gain, mood swings, and crazy appetite the week right before I get my period. I almost couldn't believe it. Now before my period if I just cant stop eating, I'll drink a cup of this and feel much better.

  • product reviewer - groganics hair gro-n-wild

    i was expecting a more nutrient based product, basically this product feels like running vasoline with mint through your hair.

  • Alan B. Cring - Do not use this software

    Yeah, last year, tax year 2012, I filed for my corporation with this trash. I filled out Form 2553 to elect S Corp status. After I filed electronically, the print-out of my forms showed the Form 2553 along with all the other documents. Turns out, TurboTax for Business doesn't file that form electronically. No warning. It just didn't file it. Now, for tax year 2013, the IRS does not recognize my company as an S Corp, and I'm in hot water. I bought that "audit defense" product, and I can't even find a way to use it. I called the number that was in the receipt for it, and some totally clueless young woman told me she didn't have any information about the product, but she'd give me a Website link via e-mail. That turned out to be a dead link. I finally found a Website from TurboTax to the audit defense site, but all I could find there was a phone number back to the same place where I'd talk to Rocket Science Girl. There was also an e-mail link, and when I sent a message to that e-mail address, it got returned to me. If I had the money, I'd sue TurboTax. If I had a government with a real consumer protection agency, I'd file a complaint in a heartbeat.

  • SusieMoon - Put In Your Basket...Waste Basket

    Tried reading the book but developed an instant case of narcolepsy. Then tried using it as a back yard pooper scooper, but it's already so full of feces that no dog poop would fit. Bummer.

  • Drea Malloy - Pretty good TV stand

    I bought this for the bedroom TV that I own. It is an older flat screen TV so it's pretty heavy. I have it on a high dresser and I wanted to have it on something more secure. I have a 40" Magnavox Flatscreen TV and I wanted something simple. to mont my TV. Since this TV is very heavy I had to mount it into the studs even if It wasn't I still would to make it more secure. You basically hook your tv onto the bracket so it's a pretty simple install. Definitely would recommend more than one person to install because my TV is large and heavy. If you have a lighter TV you may be able to hang this solo. My reviews are always honest and accurate to my experience. Some items are offered to me for a discount.

  • ashlee - This would be great if it hadn't broke a few weeks after receiving ...

    This would be great if it hadn't broke a few weeks after receiving it. The piece that holds the battery in Place broke out so now it doesn't work.