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The Ward lab at UC Santa Cruz - Home - My personal website describing my current and past research interests, PDFs of my publications and protocols, and my advice on how to write a successful K99.

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  • P Cheng - I took it apart to examine the internals.

    For all the users who have had this fail. There is a minor "flaw" with this product, but failure can be avoided easily.

  • Darin - New Version is Terrible

    Why would you change Sorry? The original is a perfect game. Simple enough for my 5 year old, but complex enough with strategy to keep adults engaged.

  • Bill - Great buy

    Of course I am a Pens fan and I loved it. The extras are good too. I do wish it had a brief recap of the other playoff series.

  • Lori Niva - There's better stuff out there

    Made our baby a bit gassy and constipated, we switched to Hipp Organic and she's doing great now. Stinky burps.

  • Donna J. Shaw - Allergic Reactions

    Used these on my animals....dogs & cats. The first ones, purchased from vet, no problem. The second round, purchased from Amazon, made huge sores and resulted in $$$$ vet bills!

  • Patti - Amazing supplement!!!!

    My have been using this supplement for about 2 months now and my chronic pain is virtually gone. I could hardly move without pain in my back and legs and arms just everywhere!! I bought this thinking what could I lose by trying it. It is simply an amazing supplement!! It is the only change I have made in my supplements so I know this is what has helped me so very much. It does take about a month or so before you really start feeling the results. Amazing!! I take two in the am and two in the pm. I will continue to take them for as long as I can. For someone who has lived with pain day in and day out for 20years with no help except pain pills it is like having my life back.

  • Jess - Prolongs your misery.

    I will say one thing in favor of Abreva: it will numb the heck out of your lip. If you have a whopper of a cold sore, sometimes you need something that will take the pain away. Then again, rubbing Orajel or Campho-Phenique on the sore will do the same thing, but for $10 less.