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  • Houdiniboi - Great Cooler, Better Option for me than H20! A bit tricky to install on an ATX ASUS Motherboard. Worth a look!!!

    1 month after purchase and this cooler was a great alternative to H20 cooling however it is very very large. Plan your build carefully due to the nature of its overwhelming size, I had to install two memory sticks first before they became covered. I can still wiggle them out if really needed but I took caution to install 16gb in those 2 slots so I should need to. One other thing that was frustrating at first was the insanely improper tool to secure the cooler. Again due to it's size there are hex bolts that attach to a mounting plate on the back side of the motherboard and they have a "Philips" head but the tool they provide is a hex wrench. If you have a "phillips" type right angle tool than installation will be a breeze. Like an "Allen wrench with a Phillips head". Lights are nice and again I like this cooler, you just need to plan well. BTW, I do serious gaming with a lot of heat produced and this works well.

  • GayeC - Don't like it, but love it

    My overall reaction to this book is that it's both fascinating and appalling. In some ways it's sexist, but much of what seems sexist is actually true (wives generally do want their husbands to be strong, confident, a little bit Alpha - even if they won't admit it). Some of the advice goes against my religious beliefs, but a lot of it lines up with those beliefs - so I can go with the latter and ignore the former. It's written primarily for husbands who want to have more and better sex with their wives, but almost any husband can benefit from the author's advice. As a wife, I learned a lot about men and relationships from this book, and found some fun information to share with my husband. If you want to have more and better sex in your marriage, buy this book, read it, and follow the advice that works for you.

  • mskay - Great results, great customer service.

    I had this device for eleven months and it would not hold a charge. It was still under warranty. I got in touch with customer service and was sent a new one in about two weeks. I had this one for about eight month and it also wouldn't hold a charge. Once again customer service in Euclid Ca.. The very nice rep explained that to prevent the problem was to fully discharge FaceFx device, use it discharge fully, use it, discharge. Coincidentally UPS man delivered new FaceFx today. Did not even wait two weeks this time. The rep said to call her (can't remember her name) with the tracking number when I got it and this way the process would be expediated.

  • A. Starnes - Must have if you are building a new home.

    I'm in the beginning process of building a new custom home. I'm using an experienced builder and using an existing plan. This program only took a day or so to easly get around. It's very extensive, you could spend months perfecting your design. But..... You don't have to. This software was worth every penny because it let me and my wife try EVERYTHING! We moved around every aspect of our future home. Once you get your house in the system it's super fun and easy to change things. The ability to see real world things in your home compleatly changes how you thought things might look. The best part for us was seeing the "use-ability" of a home. It's one thing to think of all the cool stuff you want in a home, then you get in a home that wasn't well though out and you know. There are so many wish list items we want but we spend far too little time thinking on how things will work when you are actually living there.

  • James Dennis - worked great

    Great product, had everything I needed to complete my taxes and few others. Will purchase again for the next tax season

  • Dawn M Pedrotty - Disappointed

    Too easy especially compared her her dvd exercises. Even though you can create your own routine it is time consuming and that I'd often why I get a dvd so I don't have to create a routine