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    This mouthwash gives the best results when used with the Biotene PBF toothpaste. It increases the saliva in persons who have dry mouth due to non-medical situations. If you're used to mouthwash that is astringent or burns this is not for you.

  • alexfam - can't beat the smell!!

    I bought these for a few different uses in my home - they came in just two days and were packaged well for protection but for some reason one of them leaked a little but in my experience with essential oils this happens from time to time so it was ok. There are 6 oils in the package including lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass, peppermint, sweet orange, and tea tree. They all smell really amazing; my personal favorite is the eucalyptus. The bottles are 10ml’s which is pretty good for the price. I use these mainly for cleaning, and for the aroma in the diffusers. I also found a great use for them which is making my own laundry crystals!! This is awesome and so much cheaper than buying crystals at the store. The box is really cute as well with their own place holders, which is awesome if you plan on keeping them in the box. I would recommend this item for anyone they are awesome and work just as promised.

  • MrsPriss - Better then Antidepressants.

    I only have one adrenal gland due to one being removed at age 17 when I had Cushings Disease. The loss of one adrenal has not affected me much until I started having children. I became fearful, extremely low energy, and severe fatigue to the point that I had to go to a Doctor and do blood tests. The tests never show much abnormality, and I am sent home with a Vit B shot, or a sympathetic pat on the back. 11 years, and 5 children later, I was now struggling with severe depression, and so fatigued, I found myself sleeping until almost lunch every day, and no matter what I did, I could not budge my weight for years!! I am not very overweight, only about 15 lbs. I made lifestyle changes that helped. Joined a gym, work out for 2 hours every other day, educated myself and changed my diet to clean, unprocessed food, plenty of food and vegetables, started taking B vitamins, and a quality magnesium . This all helped, however I still had no energy until the afternoon. I reluctantly tried a sample packet of Thrive for 3 days. I only took one pill, and half a shake the first day. Within 30 minutes I started feeling energetic and strong. By mid afternoon I felt a little shaky because I forgot to eat until afternoon. I am now on day 5 and my energy is consistent. I don't feel high on caffeine, I feel energetic and capable. I am so happy. I feel like I did on antidepressents without the zombie part of the feeling.

  • Diva Deb - Even Novice Political Nerds will love this book.

    Great Read - very informative and gives great perspective on what happens during political campaigns. Author got on-the-record quotes and gave detailed information from several of the major players. Impressive detailing on the incredible understanding the Obama team had about targeting marketing and demographics for getting out the vote - (quite frankly the only thing he di seemed to miss was Romney's major gaffe of his Republican Convention speech leaving out mention of the military). Gave me personally a better understanding of the Republican challengers & their primary campaigning as I hadn't really paid attention to the 'clown car' until time of the Republican convention itself.

  • Sandra Kay - LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

    This is one product that I would not be without. I have been using these pads for about three years, and they have made