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About - Innovative Strategic Communications, LLC - ISC is a specialty communications agency with a medical focus. and experience in a variety of market segments. Learn more about ISC by viewing our web site.

  • Educational Exhibit - Innovative Strategic Communications, LLC - We all have a story to tell. Whether it is about a company, a product or service. Let us help you Energize Your Story with the Educational Exhibit.
  • Consensus Conference - Innovative Strategic Communications, LLC - Every company has issues and opportunities to address. The Consensus Conference is the vehicle for this vital communication effort.
  • Publication Planning - Innovative Strategic Communications, LLC - Publication planning is both an art and a science. ISC has extensive experience working with publication plans of every size and scope.
  • Global Expertise - Innovative Strategic Communications, LLC - Working around the globe is an integral part of the ISC remit. We have extensive Global Expertise in offering a variety of our products and services.
  • Service to Others - Innovative Strategic Communications, LLC - At ISC we strongly believe in the concept of Service to Others. As a result, we try to do just that whenever possible.
  • Educational Exhibit Case Study - Fidaxomicin - Innovative Strategic Communications, LLC - The Educational Exhibit Case Study - Fidaxomicin, addressed key points for Optimer Pharmaceuticals and reached >1,800 targeted clinicians.
  • Consensus Conference Case Study - MRSA-i - Innovative Strategic Communications, LLC - This Consensus Conference Case Study features a world-renown group of experts to discuss the latest data on the management of MRSA infections.
  • Pre-Market Awareness - Innovative Strategic Communications, LLC - The pathway to market for a product or service can be a long and intrigue-filled journey. Building pre-market awareness is a key aspect of that journey.
  • Advocacy Development - Innovative Strategic Communications, LLC - The ability to ensure Advocacy Development occurs at the appropriate time can make a great deal of difference in the end result.
  • Exhibits - Innovative Strategic Communications, LLC - ISC has 25+ years experience in designing, building and executing exhibits. Exhibitions can play a large role in the communication of information.
  • Meeting Planning - Innovative Strategic Communications, LLC - Meeting planning consists of a variety of skills intended to ensure the desired outcome for an event. ISC has 25+ years experience in meeting planning.
  • Meeting Planning - Case Study - Innovative Strategic Communications, LLC - ISC were given meeting planning responsibility the largest annual event that our client attends. Below are the details of the Meeting Planning - Case Study.
  • Design and Media - Innovative Strategic Communications, LLC - Life is a visual medium. Communication is a visual medium. Putting them together seamlessly is always a challenge. Design and Media are the way.
  • Best Practices - Innovative Strategic Communications, LLC - The development and incorporation of Best Practices into publication planning is a function of both time and experience.
  • Guidelines - Innovative Strategic Communications, LLC - Publications incorporate a global audience in their development and consumption. Guidelines are an essential aspect to ensure that standards are maintained.
  • Compliance - Innovative Strategic Communications, LLC - Compliance is a broad subject with many facets. ISC takes the position that compliance is an extremely important aspect of any publication plan.
  • Transparency - Innovative Strategic Communications, LLC - In an effort to guard against the perception of impropriety, transparency is vital in all aspects of data collection, analysis and manuscript development.
  • Support Activities - Innovative Strategic Communications, LLC - A number of support activities exist in relation to publications and ISC can provide services and assistance for all these activities.
  • ISMPP - Innovative Strategic Communications, LLC - ISC is dedicated to efforts encouraging education in connection with publications, such as those offered by the ISMPP.
  • Clients - Innovative Strategic Communications, LLC - ISC has worked with many of the world's leading pharmaceutical / biotech companies and professional medical associations as our clients over the years.
  • Partners - Innovative Strategic Communications, LLC - Partnership is the key to success in many aspects of life. That is certainly true of the partners that ISC works with on a regular basis.
  • Therapeutic Experience - Innovative Strategic Communications, LLC - Diverse perspectives and broad capabilities allow ISC to transfer the benefit of our Therapeutic Experience to a host of programs and activities.

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  • Tiffany Malloy - Not sure about "simplifying" but an okay book on getting your life focused on having a healthy life

    Simplify: Ten Practices to Unclutter Your Soul is Bill Hybels’ newest book. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Bill Hybels is the father of Shauna Niequist, husband of Lynne Hybels, and probably most known for his start of Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, IL more than 20 years ago.

  • Martin R. Richardson - Doesn't Work

    This product is not compatable with the new windows 7.0, I have spent a lot of time and money trying to get this to work IT DOES NOT WORK. I have complained to Intuit who put you on hold forever and I speak to people with accents so thick we can't understand each other. AMAZON I apperciate the service you provide but for your own reputation STOP selling an item that does not work. If you don't believe me read the reviews on your own website

  • Gabriel García - I recommended this Tempered Glass for Iphone 7!

    They are very nicely made and the set is super easy to use. Usually the cheaper ones snap right away. I know it isn't scientific but it seems to work and it let's me know if it gets hit it can take a little abuse. I didn't have any issue with it as it looked like the smiling happy face. So I installed this onto the phone i use to test as well. I drop some change on it.Everything that you need to apply these to your phone is included in this package. The seller offered these to me free/discounted but I was not obligated to leave this review. I chose to leave the review so you could see what you are getting when you purchase these protectors and let you know what my daughter thought of the product when it arrived.

  • Stubtoe - DHEA - amazing information

    Amazing book - there's so much information about our body and how it works - the relationship to aging and the body's production of DHEA - If you want to know about healthy aging, read this book.

  • Amanda Heineman - Use a different preparatory book!

    Several of the answers to the practice test questions are flat out wrong. Making you think you're crazy and just don't get it. Several, several typos. The explanations on how to find the answers, even when correct are less than up to par.

  • dustinp - Academic? but the imagination shines through!

    I read this entire collection in a matter of weeks. Gluck is ultimately academic in style, but she is worthy of note because there is something surreal and forceful to her imagination. My partner in business, Mr. Z. M. Wise, suggested her to me. I made this book a gift to him as my assistant editor. I have run a literary journal for five years and started a business as a literary press two years ago. I have a passion for the written word. There is a lot of criticism about the academic style and its artificial barriers and constructs, but I found these poems delightful. "The Triumph of Achilles" is truly an intriguing and imaginative collection.

  • teresa reynolds - the writters market

    this product has been very very helpful. i will recommend it to other writters. the stuff in this book has helped write our query letters and other helpful things...