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  • Dacia S. Ewing - Don't Do it!!

    This is the worse phone I have ever purchased in my life. I have had the phone for over 6 months and if I could return it to get my money back or exchange it for something else I would do it in a heartbeat. The sound quality is bad. The phone shuts off on its own. The battery isn't worth two dead flies. It stopped reading my memory card, so I can't play any of my music or save photos to the SD card. When I tell you to run away from this thing I mean it. Don't put yourself through the irritation that is this phone. ANYTHING is better than this.

  • John Baker - Great Software

    I have been using H&R Block for years. Software is easy to navigate and reliable. The download worked perfectly with no issues at all. I would continue to recommend H&R Block software to friends and family. I would also recommend downloading from

  • Ame K Harvey - Great for my 3 y/o boy!

    I got the size small for my 3 year old son and it fit him pretty well. A little baggy but not too bad. And he's at 34 lbs and maybe 38 inches tall.

  • Angela - Good book, just not for me

    I was looking forward to reading this Christmas book, but it wasn't what I expected. It had a great message, however I just couldn't connect with the characters, or the story. Julia seemed too perfect, always upbeat and happy, but at the same time she was judgemental and didn't hesitate to use him for her own gain. She didn't stop to think that maybe there were reasons for Cain not wanting to be happy and enjoying the holidays, and decided that because she liked them that everyone else should too. All the while, she's using him as a test subject for her blog, without his knowledge, trying to land her perfect job. I'm not against helping others get into the spirit of the holidays, but I also don't believe in interfering in others private lives, or using people and their emotions for personal gain. 

  • happymom - ... used this mud mask several times and am very happy with the results

    I have used this mud mask several times and am very happy with the results. I have very sensitive skin so I was worried about it, but it is working great. I have tried many other face masks and I've had problems with redness and burning from them. With this mask I did not have any problems. It did not feel cakey and cracky as it was drying as many other masks do. This one left a soft , smooth feel on my face and washed off easily as well. I did some research before ordering and this seemed to be a good choice. I am very happy with my purchase and will recommend this to friends and family. This product arrived quickly and was packaged well. If this review was helpful to you please click the like button.