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Interislander: Cook Strait Ferry Wellington & Picton, North & South Island, New Zealand - Interislander is the Cook Strait Ferry from Wellington & Picton crossing between the North & South Islands of New Zealand

  • The voyage and videos | Interislander - Discover why your Interislander voyage is “one of the most beautiful ferry rides in the world”.
  • Cook Strait Ferries - Costs, Fares and Prices | Interislander - Interislander Cook Strait Ferries offer a range of fare types, discounts and payment options.
  • Interislander Ferry Timetable | Interislander - Interislander timetable outlining ferry departure and arrival times between Wellington and Picton.
  • Premium Plus | Interislander - Add a little luxury to your Cook Strait journey with Kaitaki Plus or Club Class.

    Country:, Oceania, NZ

    City: 174 , New Zealand

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  • J. Billings - Poor delivery method

    I really like the product but I really don't like the container. The upright capped can seemed like a good idea, but the physics of it result in an extrusion of the gel that gets stiff and just pain yucky...but I have to remove it every time I want to use it. Perhaps a rethinking of the design would help?

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