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Institut économique Molinari : proposer des solutions alternatives et innovantes favorables à la prospérité de l'ensemble des individus composant la société - L'Institut économique Molinari est un organisme de recherche et d'éducation. Il vise à entreprendre et à stimuler l'approche économique dans l'analyse (...)

  •,2829.html Institut économique Molinari | Médicaments innovants : les prix sont-ils trop élevés ? - Nombre d’éléments économiques peuvent expliquer le prix élevé de certains médicaments. En l’absence d’une organisation plus concurrentielle du système de santé, il est probable que les prix définis diffèrent de ceux qui auraient été déterminés par un processus concurrentiel. Pour autant, il est impossible de conclure qu’il y a nécessairement une marge de manœuvre significative pour faire baisser à court terme le prix des médicaments, sauf à assumer le risque de nuire à l’innovation pharmaceutique. À l’inverse, la question d’une organisation concurrentielle du système pourrait offrir des pistes d’amélioration.
  •,2828.html Institut économique Molinari | Innovative drugs : are prices too high ? - The high prices of certain drugs can be explained by a number of economic factors. Without a more competitive way of organising the health care system, the prices that are established are likely to diverge from those that would have been determined through a competitive process. Even so, it cannot be concluded that there will necessarily be significant room for manoeuvre in pushing down drug prices in the short term, except at the risk of hindering pharmaceutical innovation. Conversely, organising the system in a competitive way could provide opportunities for improvement.

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  • Steffy - I really like this, it is great for my kids hubby ...

    I really like this, it is great for my kids hubby and myself. I really like how it has a holder and seperator for the tools too. So they aren't shoved in a drawer somewhere and get all gross. I really appreciate it! This is a great thing to use to keep your teeth and gums healthy! Thank you!

  • CGroovy75 - Pretty good, not great

    The exact blender I ordered a few months ago isn't appearing anywhere on the page, but hitting "Write a product review" from my past orders took me here. I also got a bonus spatula with my order.

  • Randy E. Blue - Works as advertised.

    I purchased the product being a bit skeptical, thinking in terms of late-night television "miracle products." I applied it as instructed and was truly surprised to see clearly visible results in less than a week. The one nail was completely restored to a healthy appearance. The other, which had greater damage has not yet reached that point, but is showing constant improvement toward that goal. I completely trust in this product.

  • M'arilyn - Provides promised results at a very reasonable price.

    I love this product. It's already paid for itself from the comfort it gave. I started with this economically pruced model just in case the advertising hype was just that - hype. I was introduced to TENS therapy years ago following sessions of physical therapy. It's great that the same technology is offered on the smaller scale because it does work. It is easy to use. The auto timer of 15 minutes is good because it's so effective it's easy to fall asleep. Ive a,ready recommended it to others.

  • jason fogarty - Great series....

    My 8 year old daughter and I have been reading this series and we are hooked. We are on volume 4 now. I highly recommend them.

  • Maggie T - Definitive book for beginner Quickbooks 2010

    I just went through this book cover to cover in a community college course on Quickbooks, and this text was excellent. As the instructor, who is a Quickbooks Pro said, "This is THE book. When you want to do something with Quickbooks, just look it up in this book and you are good to go". The book is comprised largely of examples that you work through.

  • E. Rubin - Seems to work very well on shoes

    I recently painted a pair of fabric shoes and wanted to make sure that they lasted. I sprayed those babies with ScotchGard Fabric and upholstery protector and they are holding up really well - the drizzle I walked through didn't even touch them.