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The Institute for Creative Health - The Institute for Creative Health is one of the leading arts and health agencies in Australia and is recognised worldwide, largely due to our work leading the development of the National Arts and Health Framework. We are a national independent, not for-profit Australian organisation that advocates for the arts to be delivered within health and social service organisations and the broader community. We develop arts projects that improve people’s health and wellbeing and support practitioners and organisations to better deliver arts and health programs.

  • About Arts and Health | The Institute for Creative Health - Organisations, artists and therapists have long delivered Arts and Health programs that support people to maintain and restore their health and wellbeing. The work is defined by its participatory nature and the desire to achieve artistic outcomes along with social, health and wellbeing outcomes.  The Arts can include, but are not limited to the following: music, writing, dance, theater, film, and visual arts.
  • What We Believe | The Institute for Creative Health - Our Purpose Our purpose is to make the arts an accepted component of health.   What We Do We use evidence-based practice to: Deliver arts projects that improve people’s health and wellbeing and encourage participation in arts activity. Change healthcare delivery and improve patient experiences. Help health organisations use the arts to achieve their aims and objectives. Improve the impact of health care messages by delivering them through arts activities.  
  • The Australian National Arts & Health Framework | The Institute for Creative Health - The National Arts and Health Framework The National Arts and Health Framework has been developed to enhance the profile of arts and health in Australia and to promote greater integration of arts and health practice and approaches. A critical ongoing project for The Institute is to advocate on behalf of the arts and health community within the National Arts and Health Framework, to support arts and health practices, and to assist in the rolling out of the framework. 
  • Get Involved | The Institute for Creative Health - The Institute for Creative Health welcomes input and involvement from the wider Arts and Health community. There are several ways you can get involved….
  • Upcoming Key Dates | The Institute for Creative Health -   Here are all the key dates for upcoming conferences, forums, summits and training opportunities in the arts and health sector.  Lots of good stuff happening between now and the end of the year!   

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