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  • StubbyKayandthe Stubbettes - Glad it's not my nickname

    My wife and I purchased this antenna for her 2012 Equinox. We are kayakers and one of our kayaks is a 14.5 ft. tandem. When it is on the roof rack, it extends over the radio antenna. The original equipment antenna was a bizarre looking - long length, old-fashioned antenna that interferred with the bottom of the kayak. The "Stubby Antenna" solves the problem when using our Thule Roof Top Kayak Carrier. The Stubby also appears to have no negitive affect on the Sirius/XM radio reception. I would recommend this product to others.

  • Amazon Customer - Medicated Ointment for Shingles?

    Having recently being diagnosed with Shingles on my left side of my face, my opthamologist suggested I might want to use a medicated ointment, such as polysporin, on my eyebrow and other affected areas. After trying the polysporin and still suffering the nerve pain I decided to try my Watkins Medicated Ointment. Well the first time I put it on, I felt this cooling sensation on my forehead and temple area where I had applied it. Used it 3 times the same day, with the result that my shingles did not itch. But the best overall result was that I now have no radiating pain in my scalp. Today is day 4 from use of the ointment, and still no pain.

  • Cherilyn Azubuike - Beauty Don't

    After hearing the rave reviews online and hearing about Hairfinity on the Steve Harvey Show..I absolutely couldn't wait to try these vitamins. Unfortunately for me, they did the opposite of what I expected. It caused my hair to become very brittle and dry. I never changed my routine the only thing I added to my routine was taking these vitamin twice daily, once I stopped taking them my hair returned to its normal state.

  • Lesley - DE saved my life.

    This stuff is an absolute miracle. I found out about DE after battling a bad infestation of pesticide-resistant fleas for months. My poor cats (three of which are six-month-old kittens) were also riddled with tapeworms due to the fleas, and after deworming them once, I was scared to give them more pesticides. I tried a variety of flea killer products, and no matter how often I vacuumed, treated the carpets, or bathed the cats, those fleas just kept coming back in greater numbers than before. The fleas and the worms were making my cats miserable, and I was completely and helplessly overwhelmed. Finally I stumbled across DE on a hopeful google search for "kill fleas and tapeworms." I bought the 10 lb bag of food grade DE. I'll tell you what I did, step by step, because this stuff systematically eliminated an infestation of fleas and tapeworms without the use of any poisons whatsoever:

  • Drew & Liz - It light the cat urine up like a Christmas tree

    I have to be honest, when my husband showed me that he bought this flash light I thought he was crazy.... Why did we need a black light flashlight?!? Well, when our outdoor cat got stuck in a back bedroom and I could smell urine, but couldn't find it- then this came in real handy!!! It light the cat urine up like a Christmas tree! I was able to see exactly where she went, and clean all affected areas. It's great!