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  • Amazon Customer - Easy, Painless Hair Straightening in Minutes

    My youngest daughter has naturally curly hair and when it was long, the weight of her hair would remove the curls as it dried. She recently cut her hair to shoulder length and could not stand using a flat iron so myself or my oldest daughter had to straighten her hair for her which was horrible when we were pressed for time to get ready. From the first time my daughter used the Apalus Brush Hair Straightener she loved it. It is so easy to use, no skill or technique involved, just brush your hair like normal and it heats up in only 1 minute.This straightener has been a life saver for use especially on Sunday mornings and when we have to leave early for school.

  • Jewelry Magic - This product works great!

    This product works great! I don't understand all the negative reviews at all! I've had one of these before and it lasted forever so this is a replacement one from three years of using the other one. Love it! Just follow directions, make sure you clean it out and enjoy!

  • Stephen J Wiehe - Do not buy this product just yet..

    Just received the new GoPro Hero3. We updated the firmware as they suggest. Now the camera freezes on power on. I should have looked at other websites for feedback as this is not an uncommon problem. I have their older cameras and they work great. This model isn't ready for prime time yet. Once they fix it, it will be a great product. It's just not ready now. The Hero3 is going back to Amazon on Monday.

  • mojo - How to ace the USMLE Step 1: what you REALLY need to know (from a guy who broke 260 without killing himself studying)

    I actually used the 2004 edition of First Aid, but it doesn't change much from year to year. Here is what you need to know about how to ace the USMLE Step 1:

  • jeff o. - Would of been better off using black electrical tape

    Applied, according to directions, started coming off a couple days later! Would of been better off using black electrical tape!

  • Courtney - It really works!!

    This it's great. It really works! I received this product free of charge. The prep has a coupe of steps. I used this once and my teeth are three shades lighter!! I didn't even do it for the full time. It's great. My teeth as so much lighter. I still cave I believe it.

  • Oboe Lady - Who is the Big, Bad Wolf?

    This book has a great plot with twists and turns and surprises, even though the clues are there. The clues are in the characters. Luke and Haley meet again when she returns to town after three years. The sparks fly even after three years, but much has happened! Luke's sister has been murdered, and both he and his brother, Chris, are not the same happy teens she remembers. There is a murderer in town, and no longer does this sleepy town seem safe. Luke went to jail for something he did not do, yet the townspeople glare at him when bad things happen. Who is the Big, Bad Wolf?