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  • tea hamlet - $100 for a two month supply ?

    please don't pay this much for two bottles...if you go to their website you can get 4 for 100$ this is a rip off!

  • S. Fuji - works so great, gets all the hair!

    I use this electric shaver on my legs when I am too lazy to shave in the shower (plus those type of razors give me rashes and bumps!!) This razor is so easy to use and so fast. I use it in the morning before I leave the house. So quick. The cleanup is so easy too, I just open the top and shake all the hair out into the trash can. The blades on this are so safe, and can't scratch or break your skin, but still manages to get all the hair does to the root. Love this razor.

  • Don P - Texturizing Tafy

    I have only used product once since purchase and I was pleased with the texture of my hair. It did seem to take some of the shine out. I was disappointed that it didn't provide as much body as I had hoped for. I am a fan of tafy so I loved the smell. I will continue to try to use it from time to time.

  • Amazon Customer - These are awesome..

    These are awesome....spend the extra $$ for GREAT liners, you won't regret it. I love them in my new 2016 Tacoma

  • Dana72401 - Beginner's dream!!!

    This sewing machine is the best thing I could have asked for being a new sewer. I took home ec back in the Stone Ages, but I haven't used a machine in a very long time. Loading a bobbin was beyond easy! No more unlocking the hand wheel on the side. When you click the bobbin loader into place, it automatically disengages the needle. Wow. How long has this been going on? The bobbin is clear, but even better, the plate over the bobbin is clear so you can see how much there is left on the spool! No more surprises of running out of bobbin thread. The thread cutter is on the side, which is a little awkward, but not enough to give a bad review. I suppose it's just from old hands using the cutter on the back of the machine. There's a handle on the top of the machine, so carrying it is easy. Even threading it is easy. I did find that it came unthreaded several times while sewing, but with it that easy to thread, who cares?!? I sewed a rag quilt, so I had four layers of fabric, two were flannel. The sound changed when it went across the seams (which is even more than 4 layers) but it sewed like a champ. I did have to change the needle by the end of the project, but I can imagine that is common now adays.

  • Amazon Customer - Like everyone else

    Like everyone else, I was contemplating buying either this ball, and the molten flistatec one. Since many of our men's volleyball players had the Flistatec one, and I was still on the fence between the two, I thought I'd add a bit more diversity into the ball choices.