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  • Moni Rose - Worth it!! and I have bad feet and joints!

    I am not going to get into a huge lengthy review of this program because there are already so many but I find Shaun T extremely motivating during the workouts.

  • tim broadbent - Great read, better pictures.

    Alton Brown is the quintessential American cookbook author. This cookbook, although titled as such, is not for an everyday cook. Many recipes include non standard ingredients that most local grocers don't carry.

  • valerie - Good games but...

    I like the games but the payoffs are very small. Games seem to be set where you are never ahead. I play a lot of slots and these win less than any others I have ever played. Too bad because the games are so fun.

  • Gina - Made me sick

    Made me sick - vomited shortly after taking - made my stomach really sick. The rest of the day, I felt buzzed. Not high per se, but just weird - not like the day before or even prior to taking. I then later felt dizzy - not a good feeling overall. It's the following morning after taking just 1 pill the day prior and my stomach is still a bit queasy. Also, it did make me feel sick at first - but later - I was more ravenously hungry than normal, which I fould peculiar.

  • Lucky - Absolutely love it!

    I don't usually review products, but I had been eagerly awaiting the Fitbit Flex for months. When I started to see reviews--some of them negative--for it, I was kind of bummed. However, I've had mine since Mother's Day (so exactly three days now), and I really love it. It does exactly what I hoped it would do, so I figured I'd add my two cents here.

  • S. Simmons - DO NOT BUY!!! You must use Keurig ...

    DO NOT BUY!!! You must use Keurig K-cups instead of the ones available at Costco or you grocerry store. Limiting consumer choice is no way to sell products! Booooo to Kruig for doing this. Kruig's patent on the K-cups ran out is 2012 so this is just an attempt to make consumers buy their overpriced coffee.