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Houston Cardiologists - Hall-Garcia Cardiology Associates - Hall-Garcia Cardiology Associates has long been regarded as the premiere cardiology group in Houston. Our internationally recognized team of cardiologists is part of the world-renowned Texas Heart Institute. Our cardiologists are sought out for advice and care by heads of state and dignitaries from around the world.

  • Houston Cardiologists - Hall-Garcia Cardiology Associates - We are a full-service cardiology practice affiliated with the world-famous Texas Heart Institute and Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center and located in the heart of Texas Medical Center, with satellite offices in downtown Houston, Clear Lake, northwest Houston, and Sugar Land.
  • Hall-Garcia Cardiology Associates: our cardiology practice in Houston - Hall-Garcia Cardiology Associates strives to provide the highest quality medical care based on state-of-the-art cardiovascular diagnosis, treatment, & prevention. Regarded as the premiere cardiology group in Houston, our internationally recognized team of cardiologists is part of the world-renowned Texas Heart Institute.
  • Houston Cardiologists of Hall-Garcia Cardiology Associates - Hall-Garcia Cardiology Associates: Meet our cardiologists specialing in cardiovascular research, interventional cardiologist, angioplasty, stents, noninvasive cardiology, cardiovascular disease, electrophysiologist, texas heart institute, echocardiography, cardiac electrophysiology, coronary artery disease, implantable difibrillators, nuclear cardiology
  • Cardiology News about Hall-Garcia Cardiology - Hall - Garcia Cardiology Associates: read the latest news on cardiology, Houston Cardiologists & the Texas Heart Institute.
  • Hall-Garcia Cardiology: Your heart, coronary artery disease - Hall - Garcia Cardiology Associates, learn about cardiologists, Coronary Artery Disease, anatomy of the heart, heart, coronary, cardiology, angina pectoris, mycardial infarction, heart attack, angiogram, atherosclerosis
  • Heart & Cardiology Procedures - Houston Cardiologists - Hall-Garcia Cardiology: Learn about cardiologists procedures such as, cardiac catheterization, coronary angioplasty, stenting, intracoronary stents, aortic endovasular aneurysm, vascular disease, peripheral intervention, noninvasive cardiac risk stratification, echocardiography, pacemaker, defibrillators, cardiac resynchronization, electrophysiologic, radiofrequency ablation.
  • Hall - Garcia Cardiology Associates: our policies - Hall-Garcia Cardiology Associates: read about our policies, appointments, new patient forms, insurance contracts accepted, medicare, medicaid and more.

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