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  • Brent V. - Called "Lego" about this...

    I actually called "Lego" about the Advent Calenders. The person I spoke with said they were focusing on our "Heroes" while still trying to make it fun.(I HOPE that is the REAL truth) THAT finally made some sense to me. I still don't understand the Cops & Robbers as I think there could have been many more "positive" images portrayed. The Fireman theme could be a good one. I did NOT purchase this through Amazon.

  • Kindle Customer - helps me sleep

    I've been taking calm for a couple of years now, and it DOES help me sleep. I've finally got my "formula" figured out, if this helps anyone. First I start taking basic Calm and splitting the dose between morning and night, but not any particular time as in before dinner, after breakfast,etc,. After a while I switched to the one that adds in calcium and potassium because of all the talk about people not getting enough calcium. Well, after a while on that, I started getting constipated because I go towards that side anyway. The basic calm had really helped that problem. Then I read that you should take magnesium about an hour before you go to bed to help you sleep which is another problem I have. So now I have gone back to basic Calm (magnesium only) and I take half of it in the morning and half about an hour before I go to bed. This takes care of the constipation and the sleep. ps, if you have a lot of anxiety about something before you go to bed, that's a whole different ball game. Some days are just more stressful.

  • Penny - Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak

    This stuff is AMAZING! I had a leak in my high pressure power steering line that would leak the entire contents of steering fluid (ATF) in my Isuzu in about 200miles worth of driving (full tank of gas). I was constantly filling up the fluid every week or so. Saw this on the shelf at the store and figured i'd try it as I use other lucas products (fuel cleaner). I filled it up w/ the lucas product and was amazed at how thick it was. Held the full level for a week and slowly went down. I topped it off w/ the Lucas a 2nd time from the same bottle and the leak stopped! It's been holding for months at the full level. I'm pretty amazed at how well it worked. Saved me a bunch of money as high-pressure steering lines are usually pretty pricey! I would recommend this to anyone w/ a power steering leak!

  • Darnell Grogan - its decent.

    Not bad but a little hard to adjust to the lay position unless you put your feet in a weird possition. And the head cussion thing kinda popped off. Id give it a 3 1/2 but i rounded up because its pretty decent to lay on.