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  • Amazon Customer - My daughters have had so much fun finding them and them finding the right spot for ...

    This board book has been ideal for collecting all the Quarters. My daughters have had so much fun finding them and them finding the right spot for them.

  • gale gale - This works fantastic, no problems and better response time in moving around

    I purchased this because I wanted to buy a TV that would last 4 or 5 years down the road. I am a full Samsung from tablets to phones person and now the 7500 TV. I don't think people take the time to read or follow instructions very well. They apparently think there smarter then the instruction manual. I admit I am a very careful person who likes perfection. It took me 2 hours and 15 min. To upgrade and plug in and upgrade again. Patience pays off. Everything came to life and the upgrade went as instructed. Thank you Samsung for your finest technology, I will be back for all your products. People take your time don't rush and don't think your driving through McDonald's, Things take time and precision, and don't go into doing things with an attitude that you know everything. Again I am so pleased with this upgrade.

  • Vincent Del-Cid - It Works! It Really Works

    I was pleasantly surprised that the Snore Shield works. I tried all sleeping methods to prevent snoring and I was getting ready to be banned to the couch, but the SnoreShield saved that adventure. No more being poked in the middle of the night and being told that I am snoring. I used to wake up with a sore throat, but no more. I definitely recommend the SnoreShield.

  • Kelly - FANTASTIC STUFF!!!

    I have A LOT of ink and recently began finishing my back piece (almost 100 % covered). I decided that I was going to try this product in hopes of dulling some of the discomfort that comes with tattooing and boy was I surprised at just how wonderful this stuff is! I sat through a 5 hour session with almost no discomfort and it wasn't until my tattoo artist was doing a lot of overlapping of colors did the normal discomfort begin. I followed all the instructions (super easy) and so far have had no issues with the healing process of my tattoo.

  • Timothy J Harding - Satisfied this experienced rider.

    I rode this bike from CT to Montreal CA. Experienced cyclist needed a cheap replacement after being hit on my other bike. No significant mechanical issues. The bike is definitely an amazing starting level and even advanced level bike. However, unless you are a very experienced bike mechanic, you'll have hell assembling this bike out of the box. So allow your self either an entire afternoon leaning to assemble a bike from the ground up, or 60$+ to have a shop do it for you. Id also recommend upgrading the tires immediately. But overall I'm very impressed with hasa. Solid frame. Decent component package. Very very very worth the price. Better than anything else that I've ever heard of under $1000.

  • Sammicat - Needs work

    I have used RL in the past. I was tempted by the Idol Lash free sample. I tried two tubes with Little to NO results. I now use LL, only three days and I already feel the coarser texture of my lashes. I would not recommend Idol Lash, it seems about effective as water would be.

  • Barbara Tobey - Nice light

    Works fine. It is good to have a rechargeable motion sensing night light. Changing batteries can be inconvenient, but also needed an extension cord to be able to leave light in place and recharge it. Cord was not long enough for place I wanted it in.