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  • Rondney - Great goggles!

    I really dug these goggles on my last ski trip!! They're sooo big they cover almost all my face, but they allowed me a huge viewing radius and were the hit of the ski club I went with! They never fogged up, despite skiing in clouds, snow,and warm sunshine- and they were pretty solid for viewing in all of those conditions, also. I'm very pleased with this purchase and would recommend them to anyone!

  • travis - Cheap wire

    Overall the mount seems to be good quality the included mounting hardware works but the bolts to attach to the tv were useless.the free cable is garbage. The leads came off after being plugged in. Disappointed I had to buy a separate wire and install over 3 days

  • Anna Pirveli - Fake

    I'm not returning them because I really need my glasses asap, plus it fits ok and the shape is all right, but its made in china, so lets see how long it lasts.. I was disappointed after my optician told me that they were fake, but hey, they look pretty good, though I would definitely not pay this much for a fake pair.. Oh well...

  • TamG - No thanks...

    I'm really disgusted with Great Heathworks...the manufacturer of OmegaXL! Once upon a time this was a superior product. However, they no longer use olive oil in these...they use SOY oil!!!! Which is miles cheaper...but still the obscene prices! I'm allergic to Soy and this change occurred without notice so I wasted money buying this garbage AND got sick...

  • S. Smith - Highly recommend

    I have very dark brown hair. It is difficult to get me bleached to very blonde. There is always a residual yellow cast that I have to deal with. This shampoo makes a real difference. Even though the directions don't recommend daily use I do use it daily and have never gotten a purple color on my hair. It is a gentle shampoo and seems to even improve my hair's condition. I like the conditioner as well.

  • Andrew Craig Buchanan - A good fast-paced read.

    Entertaining ,keeps moving along at a fast pace and has characters that the reader is easily able to identify, which makes it more enjoyable.