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Healthbridge - Healthbridge has evolved from a superior claims switch to a solution that assists medical practitioners and pathology, radiology and hospital groups with their revenue cycle.

  • Online calendar - Know what patients will owe with automated benefit checks integrated into your appointment calendar
  • Check patient benefits - Most patients don’t really understand how their medical aid works and what it covers. You can check that for them. It’s quick, simple, with confirmation if patients are valid members and how much will be paid for their consultation.
  • Fully-processed claiming - As soon as the patient has seen the doctor, send their claim to the medical aid in real time and get a line-by-line response within seconds.
  • Automated reconciliation - You can't avoid reconciling, so it's up to you how simple you make it. Get your reconciliation done automatically in minutes, and reconcile up to 90% of your remittance advices automatically.
  • Business insight reports - Every month, on a single page, you’ll get an informative, chart-driven overview of how your practice is performing and what, if anything, needs to be fixed.
  • Premium service - With our Premium Service, you get a dedicated team to ensure your practice gets the most out of Healthbridge.
  • Mypractice capture with collections - Many practices are seeing an escalation in bad debt because of admin complexities. Our easy-to-use online service takesthe hassle out of claim-management and invoicing – and you can access it anywhere through a secure login.
  • Healthbridge 360 service suite - Pulls together into a single, integrated offering our proven products and services, enabling you to optimise the running of your practice for maximum efficiency and profitability.
  • Pathologists - Healthbridge has partnered with more than 90% of the entire pathology network, including Ampath, Lancet and Pathcare.
  • Video testimonials - Watch the vidoe testimonials to see why our clients enjoy and benefit from using Healthbridge.
  • Testimonial quotes - Read the testimonial to see why our clients enjoy and benefit from using Healthbridge.
  • Profitability calculator - Profitability calculator- calculate how much cashflow you could be saving with Healthbridge
  • Company profile - Healthbridge offers a range of services that allows for financial and medical information exchange between medical practitioners, hospitals, pathology laboratories, radiologists and medical aids. Last year alone, over 40-million transactions were generate

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