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Headache Relief Alternatives | Dentist Arlington TX - Headache Relief Alternatives is your dentist in Arlington, TX providing TruDenta® pain relief for headaches and migraines. Call today.

  • Allen Sprinkle, DDS | Arlington TX Dentist - Dr. Allen Sprinkle is your Arlington, TX dentist providing TruDenta┬« pain relief for headaches and migraines. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Sprinkle today.
  • TMJ/TMD Treatment in Arlington, TX - Headache Relief Alternatives | Arlington TX - Millions of Americans suffer from chronic facial and neck pain, which may be a result of Temporomandibular Disorder, or TMD. TMD is treatable, so if you are experiencing any symptoms, call our practice and schedule an appointment.

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  • I'm Me - A little puzzled...

    Unlike other reviewers, I didn't have any problems with the the Playstation Camera recognizing movements. On the contrary-judging by my on-screen avatar- it tracks movement quite well. I move and my avatar replicates those moves on screen, so I don't think there is a problem with the PS Camera itself.

  • Sonya McMillin - Pop those zits

    The Dermatique 5-Piece Blackhead Remover Kit from Dermatique is a great kit to keep your pores clean and free from bacteria that can cause acne. When trying to extract a blackhead using your fingers you can easily bruise the skin around the black head. However, using the tools provied in this kit, it is easier, less painful, less damaging and quicker. The kit comes with five tooks. The kit comes with instructions and tells you which tool is best for each type of blemish

  • Kathleen Mysliwiec - Worst Appliance Ever

    I have a Bissell steam mop and love it. I thought it would be great to be able to vacuum (sweep) and steam the floor all at one time. The sweeper part does not remove the dust from the floor so that when you steam the left over dust clumps up creating black globs. Also, although it puts out a lot of steam, you can't get close to the baseboards or under the cabinets. I really wanted to like this appliance and make it work so I tried it a number of times and, alas have kept it too long to return it to the store. Guess I'll end up giving it away.