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Animalantix pet care and education - Start page - Petcare, training, home boarding and breeder with experience of gundogs, larger breeds and multiple dog families

  • Animalantix pet care and education - About me - I am totally comitted to the psychological ust wan that day out without the worry of their pet being left alone.
  • Animalantix pet care and education - My holiday camp for animals - This is the personal home page of Clair Harding-Brown from Waltham St Lawrence, BRK.

    Country:, Europe, DE

    City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Amazon Customer - My girlfriend LOVED this!

    Simply wonderful! I ordered this for my girlfriend and she has used twice now and has gotten darker than when she used her $100 bottle. The smell is like coffee which we don't mind because we love the smell. The after smell is none existent. She doesn't smell like she used the tanning bed at all. Her skin is so silky and feels so much better according to us both ;) We highly recommend this product to everyone

  • David R Cornelius - $199 price is deceitful when it reads "Easily pay Empoyees".

    You cannot easily pay "employees" for $199. You can only easily pay ONE employee for $199. Each additional is $24 per year.

  • Diana L. Lindengrass - Beautiful crystal ornament!

    We collect these beautiful ornaments, so getting them at a good discount is a plus. As beautiful as every year!

  • Miss Dre - Get Your Life and Tell a Friend!

    Some days when perusing the wonderful digital world of the Internet, we can find ourselves overwhelmed with the flux of reality star tell-alls, celebrities behaving badly, and the latest pop culture craze. Social media and modern technology makes it very easy to stay connected to all of these things with just the touch of an index finger or thumb. Other days, we just can't with the shenanigans. We're over who's engaged to who, who's divorcing who, and we don't want to read another twitter rant from "that guy" from "that show." On those days when I just "could not," I knew I could look to Luvvie Ajayi and her humor blog, Awesomely Luvvie, to deliver a word or two to help me cope with all the things.