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Pharmacy in Fremont, CA - Haller's Pharmacy - Haller's Pharmacy is a local pharmacy in Fremont here to serve all of you and your family’s health needs

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  • Contact us - Haller's Pharmacy - Haller's Pharmacy is a local pharmacy located on 37323 Fremont Blvd in Fremont, CA.
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    Country:, North America, US

    City: -98.3987 Texas, United States

  • jorge flores - Great!!

    Great product so far no problems with this product. I hope to update this review once I have done full extensive review on this product. I did receive this at a discount for my review and unlike other reviewers that give 5 stars even if the product is not worth it I do not do that. I shop amazon frequently and I rely on reviews heavily so I will always be honest when I am reviewing something whether I paid full price for it or at a discount as I want the consumer to get the best for their money just as I would hope others do as well, Please check out my other reviews and you will see that I am brutally honest in them if a product does not meet my satisfaction, for that reason I do not always get the best products to review but I would rather have people like myself read an honest review and get a quality product than lie and have someone waste money on a piece of crap.

  • Amazon Customer - Sturdy Battery Box

    The box is sturdy as well as the top and handle. Even with the battery inside and the strap cinched down everything feels solid. The other thing I enjoy about this product is it can be used for a wide variety of uses, you can hook up an inverter and increase the possibilities if need be. My only issue is my wife has confiscated it for lighting up her LEDs for her squidding escapades.

  • Brian - For those of you out of college for 5+ years...

    Let me preface this review by stating that I'm nearly 8 years removed from undergrad, and I did NOT do exceptionally well in college. For the individual who excelled in college and took the experience serious for all 4 years, this review is not for you...for the indivudals who are at a crossroad in their career and in hindsight may have struggled in undergrad, this review may be a little more applicable.

  • Conservative Okie - How many want their money back on Obama ?

    I am somewhat amused by all those that have given this movie a 1 star rating and I will bet 98% are democrats who have not even seen it . They just come here and trash it because they love Obama and he can do no wrong in their eyes. I and my wife watched this movie a couple weekends ago . Dinesh uses a LOT of Obama in his own words . Obama recorded his own audio for his book Dreams FROM My Father. Dinesh uses Obamas own voice in the reading of that book to reveal what and who Obama is . This is why I find it amusing the left call it all lies and propaganda ... when their lord and savior Obama tells you this stuff in his own book. Do they feel Obama lied in his own book and his own words? If you feel it is all lies and propaganda , you should truly feel Obama IS lies and propaganda. Why hate on Dinesh for simply allowing Obama to tell his own story ?