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Grandparenting Essentials and the Reason for this Site - Welcome to Grandparenting Essentials! If you have selected this site, let me wish you congratulations!

  • Ready to be Grandparents - Are you ready to be Grandparents? was the question my daughter lovingly asked.
  • NICU Nurses - NICU Nurses are very special; we love them and feel that they should be recognized for their talent!
  • Grandparents Need to Know - Grandparents need to know various techniques when babysitting your grandchildren.
  • A Grandparents Perspective - A Grandparents perspective lists a few of the medical issues and treatment therapies that my grandsons have experienced.
  • Preparing Your Home - Preparing your home to babysit your grandchildren can be overwhelming! So let's get started...
  • Favorite Toy Purchases - Favorite toy purchases recommended by grandparents and considered to be fun, creative and exciting for our grandchildren will be listed in this section.
  • Grandparents and Helping Hands - Grandparents and Helping Hands are essential when babysitting twins and Grandpa's are the best!
  • Couples Baby Shower - A Couples Baby Shower has changed in recent years. Often the men attend the showers too. See suggestions for this new trend.
  • Grandparenting Roles - Grandparenting Roles make you realize that you are doing it not only for your children, but...
  • Long-Distance Grandparents - Long-Distance Grandparents should always be involved when planning celebrations for the birth of your Grandchild!
  • Joy In Grandparents Heart - Joy in Grandparents heart, is the way I felt during our July 4th festivities yesterday with family and friends all visiting and having fun!
  • Grandparents Taking Infant Photos - Grandparents taking infant photos is so important when capturing the memories of the first year of life!
  • Grandparents Sharing Family History - Grandparents sharing Family History should be a unique and interesting time in your grandchildren's life!
  • What Is Your Name - What is your name? No, I'm not talking about the song, I'm talking about what your grandkids will call you.
  • Best Secret Grandparenting Classes - Best Secret Grandparenting Classes! If the hospital where your grandchild will be born provides these classes, make it a priority to attend grandparenting classes.
  • NICU Baby - NICU Baby? Lessons on what to do and how to do it for your grandchild are taught by the nursing staff.
  • Child Developmental Milestones - Child developmental milestones and delay recognition in your grandchildren is a measure of a child's progress by monitoring how they play, learn, speak and act.

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  • B4 It's 2 Late - Sounds great, easy to connect and very comfortable.

    Great headphones that are comfortable, easy to connect and sound great. I purchased these headphones at a reduced price and am very happy that I tried them. 

  • Tony V. - used the machine 2x since July 18th and the machine ...

    used the machine 2x since July 18th and the machine does not catch the bobbin thread. It happened 1 time thinking perhaps It was a fluke or something wrong, then it worked. Sewed a hem on a pair of dockers, then the machine locked up, because of the thread. My wife has sewed on many machines and when we tried to set the bobbin it was all down hill. The machine is not threading from the bobbin, it tangles all up. Thank goodness for my purchased warranty!

  • K. Lindstrom - One Star

    Just okay. We like Mexican food but this was too sweet and not great. Tried it as an alternative to the normal taco seasoning mix

  • Russell J. Holt - EXCELLENT SO FAR!

    just got this yesterday - VERY EASY to set up & calibrate - probably less than an hour (if you don't make stupid mistakes like i did). my 1st (and only so far) print was the butterfly and although this was the 1st thing i've printed in my life, i think it came out exactly as it should have. so far i could not be more pleased in it's use. i did not do anything to the plate when i printed and the butterfly came off SO easily.

  • orion1113 - It works, but not the way I need it to

    This works fine, but I wish I did not have to leave my radio (FJammer) on 'Aux' all the time. It will not interrupt your radio stations or CD play so if a call comes in while it's linked to your phone, you have to switch from that input to 'Aux' then hit the button on the Aukey to answer the phone.

  • bernie jean - Where's enhanced payroll?

    Just downloaded Quickbooks Pro 14 AND Enhanced payroll. When I opened it up and went to payroll, it shows BASIC payroll. I see Staci with Quickbooks has been very helpful on here, so please help me!!!!!!

  • Scott from Texas - What a workout! Love the song selection

    Great music selection, lots of fun for solo or group play, and love that you don't have to hold anything if you have a Kinect with your Xbox One.