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  • BHenderson - My hair and nails are back

    I have always been a girly girl/woman that loves to get her hair and nails done. I didn't expect any of those things to change with age or body changes. Well, that is until menopause reared it's ugly head! My nails and hair were effected almost right away. Sure, I could paint my nails but they were so brittle that they would almost crack under the pressure of the polish. My hair was thinning at the crown and along the hairline. I would look at myself in the morning and be mortified. I talked to my doctor and she suggested I look into some healthy alternatives like supplements. So I found Estrolibrium and also decided to eat better and hydrate my body more with upping my daily water intake and it has made a massive improvement. My hair is thriving and my nails are a lot strong than they were before. I can get my hair and nails done now without being embarrassed. 

  • Doctor C - Garbage monopoly of a company to deal with.

    I first got Quickbooks 2004 10 years ago and it was a modest enough company. It included one year free payroll and after that, you were free to put in your own numbers without any issues. I wish I could still use QB 2004 and held out for as long as I could until Windows 7 came out and I had to upgrade in order to use it.

  • Douglas Mutay - Good product worth the price

    I had McAfee installed on my new PC and wanted to buy the licence for 2 years for 99$ then found the product on line for less the price for a 3 Pc license product and also for a media that i can use several time.

  • Brad F. - Dicking your brain down

    This is easily the best show on Television. If you disagree, you probably are voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Watching this show is the equivalent to eating pizza for the first time whilst also having sex for the first time, while you get a back massage. Missing an episode of this show is like eating sugar free Haribro gummy bears. Dont let your dreams be dreams. Start watching.

  • IJH67 - An Excellent Product!

    I really love this product. It is pleasant tasting and is easy to use. I have noticed a considerable amount of improvement in the way I feel. I have a lot of confidence in taking Dr. Axe's products because I believe they are of the highest quality. Dr. Axe truly cares. I would purchase this again and again.

  • nondescript - I ould not recommend thi tool. Too dngerou

    Thi tool hould come ith fty rning. I tried to ue the nil clipper nd ccidentlly cut off my left pinky. No, I cnt't rech the leftmot column of key on my keybord. Lter, hen I tried the toothpick, it chopped off my er. tupid tool!

  • Erin - I am pretty happy with the goggles

    I am pretty happy with the goggles. they do fog slightly on a foggy day or when one is sweaty, but i am very happy with them for the price. These actually work just as well, if not better, than my expensive smith optics goggles and they cost half the price.