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  • Jan Ellison - Leaches metal. Not made with food-grade stainless steel. Rip-off.

    Bake something in this ban, then taste the item and the pan. You will taste a heavy metallic flavor. This is because the pan is not made with food-grade stainless steel. Amazon shouldn't even be selling this.

  • J. M. Gardner - How greedy can they get?

    I've been a Quickbooks user for many years and while I've appreciated their continual improvements I've been increasingly rankled by their mercenary attitude. First let me give them their due. I installed Quickbooks Pro 2011 with nary a hitch and copied/restored 5 companies, again with no problems--well, aside from the fact that I regularly saw that the program "Is not responding" when in fact it was processing the file. And I received an error message on the initial install but it seems to be working... so no complaints. What chaffs me is the fact they are now charging to attach a file of any kind, even if you host it on your own computer, and they prominently display the attachment icon just to temp you? or rub your nose in it? And like many users I despise their forced upgrade policy. This is a company that too clearly puts their bottom line before customer service. This predation is apparently what happens when you have a virtual monopoly. Won't somebody please offer them some decent competition!?

  • mike t - Great for a Baseball Umpire Working the Plate

    As a baseball umpire, working behind the plate, especially on double headers, I will perform upwards of 500 to 600+ squats a day...With over 200 games a year, most behind the plate, the knees really take a strain...I have tried several different types of compression sleeves for my knees over the last few years...They slip, the Velcro slips...always resulting in the sleeve falling down my leg and below my knee, where it doesn't do me any good. From the first time I tried them on to the first game I worked with them I knew I found something that will work. I've showed others what I have and they are all interested...But I know I won't wear anything else moving forward. Great product...

  • J. Huang - Shelf life is extremely short

    I got one can of product on May 30th. The shipping was fast but I noticed that the it expires on Aug 1st -- that's barely 2 months. We got this for a friend (in case the milk supply was short initially for the newborn baby) and sent it to her anyway, hoping that the baby would be able to consume it fast enough. Should have returned it and just gone to Target though.