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  • Early Assessment and Early Intervention | Mind Screen Workplace Wellness - Early assessment and intervention in mental health, along with multi-disorder assessment is one of the two principles underlying the Mind Screen online mental health assessment system.
  • Multi-disorder Assessment | Mind Screen Workplace Wellness - Multi-disorder assessment is so much more effective in identifying your employees issues early, thus getting them back to work sooner.

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  • G. card - Dont buy it if you want to watch blu-ray movies... the player doest work

    I bought the software from one of the B&M stores. After I installed and try to watch the movie on my LG blu-ray drive, the Nero blu-ray player showed "Cannot play the media" error. I installed cyberlink powerdvd trial and it played all my blu-ray movies without any issues. Nero customer support doesn't have a clue and they suggest we need to check "hardware compatibility" before buy this piece of crap. I'm running windows 8.1 on Gigabyte motherboard NM70 intel chipset. Nothing special about my setup. I don't know how many people buy software based on chipset on their motherboard but this is the first time I had to deal with.

  • Trish - PERFECT!

    My son is 5 months old and we struggled to find a chair that he could sit up in, and that we could take to restaurants. This chair is perfect because the front two supports twist easily and move way down; this means, so far, it has fitted every shape and thickness of table! Also, my son cannot sit up on his own yet. The photos don't show this very well, but there are firm elasticated straps which are stitched to the back which loop around and then secure at the front of the chair. These straps really help support him when he's sitting up at the table - just like a big boy! Oh, and the cover for the chair is hidden in a velcro pocket at the base - you just pull it out and it covers the whole chair! Perfect!

  • Harley Mike - Must-read for managers and executives

    This is a must read for managers and executives. We all need to be reminded of what the actual goal(s) are of our respective organizations. It's shockingly easy to forget as a result of the many distractions we encounter daily.

  • Abigail Jaye - White teeth!

    This stuff's the real deal. Found it on Amazon at half the price at which my dentist originally sold it to me. I'm told bleaching trays are better than bleach strips sold over the counter, longer lasting for the money.

  • Brian Alan Carlson - Works as expected

    Just getting my latest copy of SQL Server for learning. For $50, it's cheaper than most of the books related to it so I bought my own copy instead of using the evaluation software. Then I don't have to worry about the license expiring after 6 months.

  • Double Ought Bill - Very sub-par software

    TaxACT customer service staff pointed out that if TaxACT had been purchased through, that downloading of the state program would be "difficult". For me, it proved impossible. Had to download TaxACT outside Amazon, get a refund for the earlier Amazon download in order to get the VA state return to load. TaxACT never did pull in my prior year return from TurboTax. Also, didn't prompt for carried-forward long-term capital losses/gains - a game changer. To repeat, it didn't even ask, and since pulling in the prior year's return didn't happen, if I hadn't noticed the error, it would have cost thousands, literally. All in, a very sub-par piece of software. Would advise extreme caution in purchasing this software, and would strongly recommend NOT purchasing it through Amazon unless you live in a no-income tax state.