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  • khbooks - Love the first issue and can't wait for the next

    Finally! A baking magazine to help home bakers hone their skills! Love the first issue and can't wait for the next!!

  • Bill Buco - Very little information on the CDs - Don't waste your money

    Very little information on the CDs - Don't waste your money, you can easily find this information on the Web.

  • Mary Lou coleman - eye opener

    The book should be read by everyone! It is greatly needed to get people to think about the future of our children and where America is headed! We are so busy with our own lives that we are letting our government do whatever they want! We must wake up!

  • John R. Ford - Best Access 2010 book out there

    This book is extremely thorough and very well laid out in a logical and step-by-step manner. The author doesn't miss a thing. All the explanations are thorough and easy to understand. Often, explanations are repeated when necessary, as if the author knows the questions that are popping in to your head as you work through the book. I never have to decipher the author's explanations, as often happens with other such books. I recommend going through this book from beginning to end, taking your time as you follow the steps and do your own experimentation and practice. I read every note, tip, warning, sidebar and figure. Everything is helpful. I already had a fairly good knowledge of Access, but wanted to fill in all the holes and thoroughly learn and review the application. This book has served that purpose perfectly. I'm very impressed.

  • Eleanor Ruby - great product.

    I got my lips tattooed. The cosmetologist that put the permanent lip color in my lips told me that Abreva works best on the lips for the first week after getting the procedure done. She was right. This stuff helped heal my lips fast and made it to where they weren't as flakey that first week after getting the permanent color in my lips. I highly recommend Abreva for the lips.

  • Treesh - Good movie fun

    Yea, the storyline is a little mediocre (and occasionally just plain ridiculous). I'm no scientist, but I'm pretty certain there as some major inaccuracies here. I kind of just don't care. This is a fun movie to watch. I love disaster movies and this one crams several large-scale natural disasters into one movie with awesome special effects. I don't watch movies like this to analyze their scientific merit. Even the story-line is kind of secondary for me in a disaster movie. 2012 gets 5 stars from me. 4-stars for all the stuff blowing up, falling down, and getting smashed into by tornados. 1-star for the addition of Woody Harrelson.

  • baller - Decent amount of practice problems but very poor explainations

    I am about half way through this book now and have completed both the Verbal and Math practice questions. The tips that are given are mostly common sense, although some of the strategy helps. The thing that I am least satisfied with is the answer explanations, especially in the Verbal section. The explanation for the verbal sections are often like, its not this word or this word, but it is this word, without ever saying what any of the words mean so you have to look all of them up.