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  • FindTJ - Waste of Money

    This did not repel the pests that invaded my home. In fact, they actually decided to get comfortable by these as if it was attracting them. gave it a try for nearly a month but gave up and bought regular spring traps to catch them. Very disappointed that I pay as much as I did just to find out that they don't work and there's no refund for these.

  • Tamara Rose - I have ordered it 3 times so far and am very happy with it

    I am over the 50 mark and find it difficult to find foundation that doesn't find it's way into wrinkles. This product feels silky and doesn't sit in my wrinkles. I have ordered it 3 times so far and am very happy with it.

  • kelley tanaka - Selfie game

    Love this case!! It was so good I had to buy 2 in different colors. Ultimately I can't use it anymore as it doesn't fit the iPhone 7. The only down side is that it does make the phone kind of bulky for everyday use. But i use it when I know I'm going to be out with friends so we can snap a few pics to remember the night!

  • Cherie R. Swanson - Perfect Choice!

    I LOVE my new crockpot! It has all the features I was looking for. I wanted a crockpot that had a timer and a keep warm setting. The bonus feature for me was that the lid locks in place. So far every meal we have made has come out perfect!

  • Cheryl Davis - Perfect for writting.

    Works well composing my writings and works well importing my illustrations. It is very user friendly. Wouldn't used any other program.

  • Us Air Mc - Instructor with 2500hrs

    Amazon has no option for ZERO stars so I had to put one star down. One would expect this to be an informative book written by a seasoned aviator vice a weekend book report written by someone who has enough hours in a plane to keep him from killing himself. Author is not even a winged aviator and his views and experiences are far from the actual reality-joke is on you. Don't waste your $, God knows the government already does enough of that for you.

  • babell - This is worht the $$$$

    I have extremly oil skin on my face, and my eyelids have become just as oily in the last year. I have tried all types and kinds of eye primers with little luck and minimal satisfaction. A coworker suggested I try this and it was pretty expensive in the sotres ($18) and I got lucky to find it on amazon for a few bucks less since this was a test run. almost a month later I would pay over $18 for this product. It is the holu grail of eye primers. My shaodows still look as flawless at 10pm as they did when i first applied them at 6am.