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100-Acres of Singapore Medicine from an ex-NUS Medical Student (aka Winnie the Pooh) - Gerald Tan, NUS Med school graduate, radiologist doctor and geek, bids you enter the Hundred-Acre Woods and learn about NUS Medical School and Singapore Medicine.

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  • Christy - Relieves itching and redness of athletes foot!!

    I read most of the reviews about this product and normally I was very skeptical about buying something like this. I received it very quickly and tried it right away. It made my skin feel very clean and the itching was gone in 2 days. I wear boots all day long (military) and hate how my feet are always sweaty and hot and this product really helps keep fungus at bay. There are so many different types of toe fungus and this product might not work for all of them but I have taken pills and used every over the counter product and this product is the only thing that works. Only use a little bit, this product goes A LONG WAY! The smell is great too! I am going to tell my friends and family about this product and hopefully they find it useful as much as I do. There is a smaller size too if you do not want to buy so much at first.

  • Darin Selby - DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!

    Yes, it is that bad! This is one DECEPTIVE company! Little do they tell you that when you sign up to receive a month's free sample from their website, they put an immediate HOLD on $190 as soon as you give them your credit card information!

  • Sandra Reynolds - Chipping and Peeling

    I carefully followed all of the instructions and had a professional painter apply the product (also after reading the instructions). After just one winter and early spring the Restore bubbled and now I have chips of this paint everywhere. I would not recommend this product to anyone. I am going to go back to Home Depot and complain. Not that it will do much good I suspect. I now have this stuff all over my ramp and in spots it is bare. I don't know how I am going to fix this!