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  • Pepsikat - So helpful and yet so angry

    Why am I angry? Because the doctors I've seen for my problems told me it was due to the night shift I worked. No, it's due to stress. No, it's "just the way your body is". And so on. I start taking this and "magically" the thrush is gone. The skin problems over my entire body are disappearing, and I no longer feel like I'm getting alzheimer's at age 31. Well, it isn't "magic". It's science. I started at 1 packet a day and after moving to 2 started seeing quick results. I'll go up to 3 or 4 and see how it goes but Threelac (and I'll try fivelac) is making a permanent home in my kitchen cupboard.

  • Derek K. - Great filament. It works well at 174C on my ...

    Great filament. It works well at 174C on my Velleman K8200. Once I got the temp right, strings and boogers stop appearing on my prints.

  • Amazon Customer - Great for the new small biz owner

    I don't review products very often, but all of the bad reviews for QB for Mac 2013 have caused me to want to clear the air a bit. It appears that there are a lot of problems with QB for Mac 2013 for two groups of users -- those that formerly used QB on Windows and those that are what I would call Advanced Users. If you fall into these categories, chances are you're going to be a hater. However, if you are like me and you have never used QB before and you have a new service business that your are operating out of your home or small office, this is a great product. Really it is. You're going to be able to figure out how to set it up pretty easily and within a month, you'll be comfortable and not afraid that you're going to screw things up as soon as you enter in a new purchase or invoice. Your accountant will also appreciate you choosing QB because that's the software most of them prefer. Oh and the IRS will appreciate it too because the QB for Mac 2013 version now has a handy attachment feature that allows you to attach a digital copy of your receipts. The IRS is cool with you having only digital receipts (and tossing all your paper) so long as they are in a searchable index, and this version qualifies as such.