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Welcome to Gateway Drug Screening - A comprehensive program for home use that not only discourages your children from using and abusing drugs, but actually increases communication within the family. We start with education about drug and alcohol abuse. Our program is a complete approach to educating the family and preventing drug abuse. Our business program is the perfect solution to employee drug testing for small businesses.

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  • ALHBSH - and it does a pretty good job of slowing down leaks in my cars

    This is my 3rd bottle of the stop leak, and it does a pretty good job of slowing down leaks in my cars. One car has over 200k miles on it and this keeps me from replacing the oil pan seal. Does not completely stop the leaks, but dramatically slows them down and is good for oil and power steering pumps both.

  • John Foster - This really isn't a great cookbook, but no one expected it to be

    This really isn't a great cookbook, but no one expected it to be. I does contain a lot of British recipes which reveal that some of the things that Harry and his friends think are great, are really pretty awful. It is a useful companion to the Harry Potter books, and my granddaughter loved it.

  • Jazzfan - It does work

    My wife bought this for me after another one of my severe lower back attacks. She picked it up at Bed, Bath, and Beyond after reading about it somehwere. I took it out of the box and thought this thing is junk and just a gimmick, and nearly choked when she told me how much she paid for it.

  • sergio - This is great! I mean sure it did not really come ...

    This is great! I mean sure it did not really come with any how to install guides, but I just found that on YouTube, took me about 2 minutes max, works really well. Recommend this to anyone

  • cvnativeinpa - Not sure how to rate this, plus or minus from number

    I purchased this vacuum to replace a Kenmore canister I've had for a few years. I wanted an upright with lift off capability to get into corners, around objects, etc., as well as I needed a vacuum with an 11" cleaning path. This one met with all those requirements. However, when working with it, I've found a few quirks, and can't rate this one exceedingly high, but can't rate it low either, for the explanation I'll give below.

  • Carrie Bonifacio - Best form of shea butter I have tried so far. Nice composition and easy to apply.

    I am very pleased with my decision to purchase this 100% Natural Organic Pure Shea Butter from Buena Skin. I have tried probably 3 or 4 other shea butter products and have been a bit let down because they have been hard as a rock and difficult to apply without alot of effort. This one is pleasantly quite different from the others. First, it comes in a jar instead of a big lump that comes out of a bag or something. Second, although shea butter is naturally a bit grainy, this one is only slightly grainy, barely noticeable, and smooths out quickly. Third, I love the composition because like any shea butter it can tend to be a little hard until it warms up, this one is much softer and becomes very easy to apply quickly. It spreads out well once warmed in your hand for a few seconds and a little covers a pretty big area. It is whitish in color with a very slight odor which is not unpleasant.