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  • Billy Brady - Cool antenna

    A very cool and compact antenna with great reception. A must have if you need to squeeze into the garage.

  • shawn elliot camp - This book is awesome get it

    I want to try the butter beer so bad it uses lots of sweets and extracted rum (optional) I'm not old enough for rum so not putting rum in there , I would definitely recommend this to harry potter lovers.

  • fickledee - Disappointed with Software and Service

    First, I have been a TaxCut/ HR Block @ Home Tax Software customer for well over a decade. This year's product has been quite the disappointment. i couldn't install the software (it corrupted my Windows 7 Installer; bottom-line I ended up upgrading to Windows 8 in order to preserve all of my files, programs etc versus re-installing Windows 7). After my upgrade (on my nickel), I was able to install the tax software. Like others, I had college financial aid requirements that required early filing. I have been unable to e-file. I have been stuck the last three weeks dealing with support (I am up to level 3) because of a "bug" in their software. The support personnel (who now have my return and all of my financial data) admit that I followed the program inputs correctly but that the software isn't programmed correctly. So now for all the time I've invested I can't e-file or paper file and I've been offered squat for being a beta tester for the company. I usually don't work without compensation and the hours and hours I've had to deal with this gives me no comfort that the rest of the program is calculating correctly. And forget the 72 hour response, I had to wait over a week for the level 1 to level 2 escalation. Very disappointed with the program usability and the customer support. At least they could credit my account to have another question answered without charge as I used up my first question trying to get an answer to their programming error.

  • Amazon Customer - Not paying attention, is what ruined your items, not this product.

    Firstly, I haven't bought or used this product. I have been researching for a product of this type and came across this page. I'm only submitting this because of the blatant disregard for the detailed information in the description about the product. I noticed most of the one star reviews are complaints about what the written details warn against. 1ST: " NOT INTENDED TO BE APPLIED TO ELECTRONIC DEVICES OR CLOTHING." Believe it or not, shoes defiantly fall into the clothing category. The product doesn't work on clothes because the fabric or leather may be pulled and stretched. However, Rust Oleum does make a Never Wet product specifically for fabric and for shoes & boots and it'd sold on amazon. 2ND: "PRODUCT IS MORE NOTICEABLE ON DARK COLORED OBJECTS AND MAY CAUSE ITEMS TO CHANGE COLOR (TEST IN AN INCONSPICUOUS AREA FIRST)." Well, this one shouldn't need any further explanation. Some of us depend on this reviews to make a decision on products. If you are going to review a product, please be more responsible. This type of ignorance hurts the seller and the manufacturer, but also makes you seem less than intelligent. Not paying attention, is what ruined your items, not this product. To be fair, you should change your entry to reflect what your expedience was, based on the details of the instructions, or remove your review.