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Fertility Drugs - This website focuses on the different types of drugs used to treat infertility which can assist your chances of conception

  • Ovulation Induction and stimulation - Ovulation induction is the treatment that is needed for women who are not ovulating at all or are doing so very irregularly
  • Clomifene Citrate (Clomid) - Clomifene citrate (CC) or Clomid is the first line of treatment for those with absent or irregular ovulation
  • Gonadotrophin FSH/LH preparation - Gonadotrophin preparations are used for both ovulation induction and ovarian stimulation if ovulation induction with oral preparations has failed.
  • PCO Ovulation induction with FSH - Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) is a hormone which is naturally produced by the pituitary gland and is essential to produce ovulation.
  • IVF drug protocols - The improvements in IVF drug protocols in preparation for IVF have given us a variety of programs from which to choose.
  • IVF Drug stimulation of ovaries - The aim of controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (COH) for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is to encourage the development of multiple follicles containing eggs in order to harvest a suitable number of eggs
  • Agonist Protocol IVF - The most popular methods are the long (luteal) protocol, the long follicular protocol and the short protocol

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  • Josh - Accidental order, but still delish.

    I was under the impression these were the sugar free ones. I gave these to my neighbor thinking he would become fused to the toilet but instead, he keeps wanting to hang out and thinks we're friends.

  • Tim Garroutte - No support for Printmaster 2012

    Like most that post here, I had the older version of Printmaster and loved it. I had to upgrade to Printmaster 2012 when I upgraded my computer. Greeting cards will not print on one page, even though it shows the print job correctly in Print Preview. I cannot find a fix for this issue and the Printmaster sites do not have anyway to contact them. I hope they are reading all the post and make some corrections. Just go back to the old version.

  • Girl in the Green Scarf - Right out of the box I love the sturdy quality and easily grip-able texture of the ...

    Right out of the box I love the sturdy quality and easily grip-able texture of the surface. Below there is a picture of the flashlight in action at night and I found it to be plenty bright enough to find and remove a cap and check the pressure. I'm not sure I understand the purpose of the red led -- if that's for drivers to see you, I think they'd be much more likely to spot the flashlight led. If you direct the red light directly at someone, it's noticeable enough.

  • Ingrid - GREAT Natural Coverage & for Evening-Out Skin Tone

    My daughter convinced me to buy this product, and I'm so glad that I did! When it first arrived, I wasn't particularly impressed by looking at it - the container is small, it's not cheap, and most importantly, the cream itself looked thin. My daughter and I both have hyperpigmentation, so we're always looking for products that give us great coverage, without looking like we have tons of makeup on. A little of this goes a long way and even though it feels and looks very natural, it evens out skin tone and provides excellent coverage. I have a few very dark spots, so those areas need some extra coverage but overall, the rest of my face looks pretty darn good. I even splurged and bought the recommended brush that goes along with it (the IT dual brush) and it works really well. Super soft brush (Amazon was by far the cheapest place to buy it) that spreads the cream evenly. If you're like us and have tried tons of different coverage products, I think that you will be very happy with this one. My daughter even says that it has improved the condition of her skin (less breakouts, etc) but I have not used it long enough to determine that one way or another.

  • Lolani - Bought for my husband. Work very well. Only ...

    Bought for my husband. Work very well. Only thing is that they need more sizes on the ear inserts. He has small "holes" on the inner ear. The options that come with these just aren't quite right so they stick half in and half out but at least he can hear me!