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  • Amazon Customer - Be aware

    I purchased the L.E.D wiring harness that was supose to be rated at 300 watts. I ran the harness and turned the light bar on. After about a minute the wire's were to hot to touch. I sent the harness back. All i could tell anyone that make sure the wire is 10 gauged. It's alot of work installing than have yo re due it again. Also there's no contact number to talk to customer service just E mail. What good is that when your in the middle of the job. What due you except from the Chinese.'Not happy.

  • louie genzano - Cd arrived in perfect condition. Quality and price was unbeatable

    Cd arrived in perfect condition. Quality and price was unbeatable. I used it for a year without any problems. I have tried other internet security as many change in quality and price from year to year. I would suggest you research the security carefully before buying one as this is a serious purchase.

  • Chrissy - Excellent value

    This is one of the nicest vacuum cleaners I have ever owned. It is light weight, easy to use and clean, and the suction is great. I really love the way the head pivots to get in even the trickiest spots and best of all cleans right to the edge. It was very easy to assemble and the various attachments are easy to switch around and work with. Lifting it off the base to carry around is also a very uncomplicated process.

  • John O'Swing - Really Stinks (and that's being polite)

    I installed this on my system on Thursday and removed it today (Saturday). The user interface made my eyes hurt and I'm not joking. When I searched the Microsoft knowledge base the support thread pretty much read "Quit whining and get used to it."

  • Pierre B - For my use this is the best case. I don't need a keyboard so this ...

    For my use this is the best case. I don't need a keyboard so this works extremely well. My iPad is fully protected, I carry it with my book and have no issues whatsoever with it. I can easily set it up and watch videos and quickly put it down to take notes.

  • Clara S. - Clever, Spoooooky, and Honest.

    I loved this documentary! It was so funny, and probably the most real and honest exploration into the world of ghosts I have encountered. Not only was it nice to have both skeptics and believers together, but the discussions around their experiences were authentic and grounded. It is definitely a refreshing look at the paranormal. Highly recommended.

  • Walter GrumpyOldGuy Sabian - Best On The Market, Even If It Is "Hecho In China"

    I've had crock pots for decades, even when they were called dutch ovens or whatever. There are many knock-offs and wannabes out there, but the best ones--and safest!--are by Crock Pot. My last one was a smaller version with only one knob and three settings: OFF, MEDIUM, HIGH. It was okay for slow-cooking meals whose temperature could be HOT AS HECK all day, so I didn't mind too much.