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Pharmacy in Fairport, NY - Fairport Pharmacy - Fairport Pharmacy is a local pharmacy in Fairport here to serve all of you and your family’s health needs

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  • Airboren - Works okay, but doesn't last long.

    This stuff is okay,I have to put quite a bit on for it to last a few exercises. I use it in the gym in place of traditional chalk. I'm honestly not totally sold here only because it doesn't last as long as I wanted.

  • Handyman - Doesn't work

    You'd be better off guessing the humidity than looking at this monitor. Wildly inaccurate humidity readings and very approximate temperature readings. Save up for a humidity meter that gives ± 3% accuracy. It will cost 10X the price of this meter, but it will work.

  • Rosie M. - Let see if "It Works!" body wraps work...

    I order the product from the It Works Global website, not Amazon, and received my body wraps yesterday. It took about 4 days to arrive from date of purchase. So shipping was not an issue. The 4-pack of body wraps cost me $99 but I figured if it worked then maybe I'll become a loyal customer to get the reduced price. With that said, the package did not have an expiration date stamped on the box. When I called customer service several times yesterday, there was no live person only a recorded message that no one is available due to the "high volume of calls". For these 2 issues I rate It Works one star. As far as the product is concerned, today is the first day I applied the wrap to my abdomen and saran-wrapped my abdomen to keep the wrap in place. The lotion on the wrap has a slight menthol smell and after 45 minutes, my skin had a pinkish tone. Plus I drank a lot of water during that time, and still am drinking lots of water. I will provide another review of this product after 72 hours just to give this product a chance.

  • J. Sharp - Works wonders for keratin overgrowth—but you have to commit to it and keep it up for months.

    This stuff really works—for thickening toenails, and keratin overgrowth. Two doctors diagnosed my problem as nail fungus. I took several rounds of crazy meds to treat a fungus and had bloodwork done to make sure it wasn't damaging my liver--and it didn't do anything. I tried all kinds of things, tea tree oil, over the counter treatments. Finally, I went to a good dermatologist who had lab work done. Turns out it wasn't a fungus, only keratin overgrowth. The dermatologist said there wasn't much I could do, try hair, skin and nail vitamins. That didn't do it.

  • EileenL - Easy, peasy payroll

    I've been doing payroll for 35 years. Started with paper, pen and calculator until the first Quickbooks program came out. Several versions later handled up to 100 employees salaried and hourly with multi deductions for insurance, cafeteria plans, judgements, etc. It has never failed to make my life easier and comfortable that taxes are accurate.

  • Boomer - My First Real Bike

    I purchased this bike because my 8 year old grandson received a new bike for his birthday and wanted me to have a bike so we could ride when he comes to visit. After a great deal of research, I settled on this bike and have not been disappointed. Because it required a number of tools I do not own, I decided to take it to a Diamondback dealer to have it installed. Cost a bit of money, but .I did not feel I could have successfully assembled it. The bike works great. At age 70, this is my first real bike and I really enjoy it. The seat could be a bit more comfortable, but I saw that on many reviews of other bikes. Overall, I am very pleased and am awaiting warm weather so I can ride it more.

  • Tenor man Vic - Very fine music composition software, delivered quickly

    Prior to buying this, I checked comparisons with other software and debated this or Sibelius First. I also tried both their 30-day free trials, which I advise all shoppers to do. After trying both, it will come down to personal preferences for inputting notes, rests, etc. The interfaces are both similar and different, so small things matter. I preferred the display of notes, rests, accidentals, slurs, etc in PrintMusic to those of Sibelius. I have friends who prefer Sibelius, so try them out. Sibelius was rated a tad higher, but for a reason that did not matter to me.