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Exercise Health Services of Montana | fitness therapy bridging health care to health club - Health and fitness services including health risk appraisals, fitness assessments and strength and conditioning; gym based health insurance planning

  • Health and Fitness Services | Exercise Health Services - Exercise Health Services include a Health Risk Appraisal, a Fitness Assessment and Strength and Conditioning activities.
  • The Wellborn Plan | Exercise Health Services - The Wellborn PlanTMHealth and Fitness Guarantee combines the science of exercise with the need for health insurance coverage. Together, Exercise Health Services
  • Gene Pauli, Exercise Physiologist | Exercise Health Services - Gene Pauli is an exercise physiologist located in Missoula, Montana. He offers individualized exercise prescriptions.
  • Videos of strength and flexibility routines | Exercise Health Services - Videso of strength and flexibility routines, highlighting upper and lower extremities and core.
  • Photographic exercise routine sequences | Exercise Health Services - Exercise routines focusing on strengthening upper and lower extremities and core, as well as flexibility routines for the floor, using rope, and a bench.

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  • K. Yee - AAA rating from Moody's

    I was looking into these for upgrading my a/v system, and found a review of these in the Spring 2008 issue of Moody's Audio and Mortgage-Backed Securities. These have received Moody's highest rating, AAA!! The system they used to test these based on a Lehman Brothers' amplifier with a Bear-Sterns pre-amp and AIG speakers. It turns out that if you leverage these cable 30x, there's no problem at all. They *are* AAA rated after all.

  • nigora - I love it

    Best cream ,I can see change in 1week on my face and i hope i will satisfated more. And good thing much cheaper than in store.

  • Julie R - it's a good product and I recommend it

    I had some dark areas on the underside of my upper arms from some kind of skin irritation from my deodorant. For years I have had "white armpit envy" of celebrities so I decided to try this. I have now used this product for about a week and I have noticed some whitening in the dark areas. It has a very light, pleasant scent. I have tried using this as a deodorant as others who reviewed did and for me, it's only OK overnight or with very little physical activity did it work, but it is summer in southern California. I do think it enhanced my deodorant.

  • Lntpowers - Finally, a anti-aging product that works

    This product is the closest thing to prescription Retin-A that I've been able to find. As such, the same precautions should be used (like avoiding sun exposure). In the few weeks I've been using it I have seen real improvement in dark spots, and smoother skin. It's a really good product.