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Emord & Associates, P.C. | Constitutional & Administrative Lawyers - FDA Lawyer Jonathan Emord has defeated the food and drug administration more times in federal court than any other attorney in American history.

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  • C.J. - Perfect for the novice

    I love this thing. I am a novice builder, and this has helped me tremendously so far. While there are long held techniques meant to hide the methods of joining lumber they are far more advanced and less user friendly for the novice on a budget.

  • "DoctorObvious" - Last edition you should ever want to own for listening enjoyment and quality

    It was sure a beautiful thing to hear this remastered edition. I was listening to the LP back in 1973 and wore the grooves out on it! The old CD version by comparison is horrible sounding. This is definitely the copy to own; thanks to Andrew Lloyd Weber for doing the remaster; it sounds amazing!

  • Joselito G. - Not fitted into my car.

    Sorry to say this, the one I bought is not fit into may car which is Mazda 6 2009 model. I don't know what i will going to do now. Please can you advise me. Thanks..

  • mike 2000 - These lights are so bright!

    These lights are amazing. This light strip is so bright, It's good they are adjustable. While the max length is about 16 ft you can customize the length by simply trimming them down. I'm using these around my front window, facing inward for holidays, and with so many colors on the strip I'll be using them for more holidays than just Christmas.These lights can be used for so many other purposes whether its in a display case, under kitchen cabinets , under counters for floor lighting or just place around a mirror for a vanity. I'm sure I'll buy more I received this product free or at a reduced price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I do not consider price in my star ratings because prices change and expensive or affordable is subjective. I will update if my opinion changes.

  • ShayH. - Please save your money!

    This product does work. I bought this product and i started using it rite away. in one month i saw that i had lost weight, however it's not nearly as much as they advertise. My stomach did not go flat in one month. I figure if i would have kept using it for a year maybe then i might see some good results, but that would mean spending money on a product (the lotion stuff) every month for something that i don't even know if it's going to work fully. for the record it does work, but not at all as much as it's advertised.