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Elizabeth Street Medical Centre Pty Ltd - Elizabeth Street Medical Centre is a general pratice with over 35 years of providing holistic patient-centred care for all ages.

Country:, Oceania, AU

City: 143.2104 , Australia

  • Ronald p sonido - Gators

    Man i love this stubby antenna it looks so much better and reception nothing change i still get all the station i recommend this to anyone.

  • Kindle Customer - Such fun product

    Great stress relief, super fun to play with, easy clean up. It seems ridiculous to pay this amount of money for "sand" but it's awesome and totally worth it.

  • ilene - Not what I expected!

    This product was not what I expected, the first 3 days it was great!! I was going to the bathroom perfectly! It felt great I felt like I was lighter already, but then after that the effect of the pills weren't working anymore I actually got constipated, I sont know what I was doing wrong? Everyday I stayed commited to this product ate my breakfast with the pill and lunch, I was pretty bumped out that it stop doing what it did for me the first 3 days. Maybe it doesn't work on everybody? I haven't even finished the whole bottle yet I stopped sometimes I take it with my meals in hopes that it will flush out my system but it doesnt do nothing for me anymore. I still get constipated.

  • Sooner - Best money I've spent -

    This is an excellent book. Not only have I been successful using this plan, I have given it as gifts where others have been successful, as well. In less than nine months I was able to reduce my glucose reading from prediabetic to normal and lose nearly 20 pounds. My lab readings continue to be in the normal range. It is not a diet, but an eating plan for life, which works, and on which, you arent counting calories or points. I would give it a higher rating than 5 if I could.

  • beth perri - Very disappointing

    Was very disappointed that Kaplan put out such a flawed and confusing review book. Answers and explanations did not match up. Incorrect answers were shown to be correct. There was little explanation for correct answers. The review book was not geared toward the new test and was overall very confusing and incorrect

  • Geek Girls Rule - Oh so worth the price

    During the holidays I used my Mom's 20 year old set of Cutco knives and they were sharper than my 8 month old set of 'high end' knives. I asked her when they were sharpened last and she told me she had NEVER had them sharpened!! I had a set of not-cheap knives that were less than a year old and I was already unhappy with them and here's a set of 20 year old knives that looked better and were sharper than my almost new ones. After using her Cutco knives I knew I would not be happy with anything else. I had to save my pennies for many months to get them, but I am the very proud owner of a set of Cutco knives now.