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Fortacin PSD502 Prilocaine lidocaine Plethora TEMPE spray - Men last 6 times longer with premature ejaculation - News about Fortacin Spray (aka PSD502 or TEMPE). An aerosol-delivery form of lidocaine-prilocaine for treating premature ejaculation.

  • Fortacin (PSD502 or TEMPE) Spray Clinical Trials - A phase III study data show men using Fortacin spray lasted 6 times longer than those who got the placebo

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • Tim Uhlmansiek - $25 watch dont expect anything more

    Its a $25 watch so I didnt have high expectations and it still disappoints. I now get about 4 hours battery life on my phone compared to 16 before I loaded the software. Facebook will only sync with a sim card inserted. New toy for my nephew.

  • Rackman1 - Good deal for the Money

    Performs as advertised. I do so little 3D work that I just could not justify the $4,200.00 price tag of "full blown" Autucad. If things change f my business, I can always just buy the upgrade.

  • My3Cents - Buyer beware

    It shorted out almost the minute after the return period expired. I tried to contact the manufacturer but I get a 404 error after clicking the "contact" link, which appears to mean that they took down their contact page on the website. Shady. Very disappointed.

  • MimiD - Best moisturizer for the face

    I love this oil, I've tried other Argan oil and this one by far is the best!!!! And the little bottle will last you for about 4 months or even more because you just need a small amount I love this product

  • Linda Kay Kofoed - Beware

    I received .50 oz super revitalizing serum (do not see it pictured even) and got charged $89.85 without being able to easily see I was "signed up" for monthly shipments! Cannot afford this rip off.